Meanwhile down in Springfield, not time for a break

Meanwhile down in Springfield, out state legislatures will not be dismissed on time, they will have to work until at least the end of June
Legislators have struggled for months to help consumers deal with electric bills that for some have doubled or tripled after a 10-year rate freeze ended.

Heading into Thursday's scheduled final day of the legislative session, there was still no consensus -- and no clear sign that an agreement on rate relief or another rate freeze could be reached.

House Democrats have repeatedly supported rolling back rates to last year's levels and freezing them for another year or even three, while Senate Democrats have pushed for negotiated relief.

Lawmakers said today negotiations had intensified under the rate freeze threat but still couldn't guarantee that it would produce a solution.

Another complication is that a constitutional requirement likely prevented the Senate from sending a three-year rate freeze plan Thursday to Gov. Rod Blagojevich's desk.
Even a fast-approaching deadline might not matter. Lawmakers haven't been able to agree on a new state budget and the possibility of wrapping up their work Thursday was slim.
Some legislators predicted Thursday wasn't the end for an electric-rate solution.

This State and County have seen plenty of fights over budgets. Plenty of fur flying down in Springfield for so many reasons. Emil Jones, State Senate President and Mike Madigan, state speaker of the House, can be found where the fur is flying.

Summing up why fur is flying in Springfield, this time for a longer period of time


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    I did hear about the doubling and tripling of your electric bills. Talk about gas gouging. Illnois now has electricity gauging. Lawmakes are not realizing that high price of electricity, gas, homes, taxes and so on will force Illnois citizens to move out of state. I had my share of high cost of electricity and gas. But, it is price manipulation everywhere.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes and the commercials for ComEd keep running all the time, and who is paying for this? If you listen to news radio in Chicago you can expect one commercial from ComEd an hour. Meanwhile the parent company Excelon is doing extremely well.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "If you listen to news radio in Chicago you can expect one commercial from ComEd an hour. Meanwhile the parent company Excelon is doing extremely well."

    And that means endorsements and profits for the company as well as the shareholders. It's nothing but a monopoly run company that is self profitting from commercials while increasing the electricity and benefitting from the taxpayer's pocketbook.
    SP Biloxi said...
    You should check to see if Urkel and/or his family amd friends are a shareholder for any of those companies.

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