The last Cook County Board Meeting

At the last Cook County Board meeting, the board was introduced to Andrew Hilton, the new Chief Information Officer. His first question came from Commissioner Bill Beavers, being sarcastic. Beavers asked him if he was related to Todd Stroger. Andrew Hilton said no, Beavers said, "Well I just had to get that out of the way". Commissioner Peter Silvestri asked if he was related to any Hilton, as in Paris, he said no. Commissioner Tony Peraica asked him what his experience is, and where he lived, and his last position was in Aurora, which is I believe,is Will County. Peraica asked him if he would be moving to Cook County, and Hilton said yes. Todd Stroger cut in to say that Andrew Hilton was not here for prosecution, because Peraica was going to continue questioning him.

Todd Stroger read the Shakman decree. Peraica asked him how he (Todd) was able to hire the people he did. Todd Stroger said the Shakman decree for fair hiring practices was for non-exempt employees, and Todd's were all exempt.

Coughlin was asked about the Project Shield and the 321K per vehicle cost. This is due to 16 radios per vehicle and a total of 180 radios.

Robert Simon, the Interum Chief of the Bureau of Health said many mail order drugs, as much as one million are delivered to addresses outside of Cook County. Commissioner Deborah Sims asked if it was because some people had a summer home. Really Deborah, if you have two homes why would you being a patient at Cook County? Shouldn't this be looked into? He was also asked why a vendor is reading X-rays which cost 185K in 4 months, as opposed to 275K for their own radiologists. The contracted Radiologists are out of Idaho, and it was asked if they have filled out proper vendor papers that all who do business in the County have to fill out. Dr. Simon said they are also lost 3 radiologists and because Cook County pays 10% less wages they are having a hard time replacing them. Commissioner Maldonado asked if the radiologist quit because of all the problems at Cook County. Many questions came up on the backlog of Mammograms, there were not good numbers, but a lot of them, some Commissioners said it was 12K, others said it was 18K. But Dr. Simon said it was 4K, and they do 50K Mammograms a year. Other Commissioners said it was 9K, again, we will never know and Dr. Simon will have to look into the real numbers. Dr. Simon also said that if a lump is found that takes priority and they patient will not have to wait as long, because Commissioner Earlean Collins, is right on top of everything and asked how many are having advanced cases due to the wait. Dr. Simon went on to say that 1.5 million dollars is what is needed to have electronic radiology so they can keep up with higher technology.

Kevin Gibbons from The Department of Environment said that some commercial sites were exempt from the higher environmental Standards, that would be gas stations, restaurants, and dry cleaners.

On workman's compensation, Commissioner Peraica asked why 45K was being paid out to an employee falling out of a chair, and why are so many being paid who are falling out of chairs?

Commissioner Earlean Collins wanted to know why the County is paying so many private lawyers for the juveniles. She said some were being paid out for 11 years and that certainly some of these are not juveniles by now. Commissioner Tony Peraica wanted to know how many lawyers and how much they have been paid. Commissioner John Daley, also Chief of the Finance Committee, said they did not know. Peraica asked if they could do it by juvenile and Daley said no they could not. Peraica asked if they use the same lawyers and how do the judges decide which ones. Daley said that they were screened and they rotate a pool of them. But why couldn't they use accounts payable records by which lawyers got checks?

Vote Stroger incompetant?


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica announced Thursday that he will call for a vote of "no confidence" in Board President Todd Stroger at the next board meeting."

    Good for him!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Tony Peraica has been the biggest thorn in the side of the Toddster, and now Mike Quigley is upset with the Toddler again, but who knows what will happen, there are too many Commissioners without a backbone. Of course Daley and Beavers will support the Toddler to the end.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yep, Durbin is not putting up with the Toddler!

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