Breaking news the Toddster will take a 3 week medical leave

It's anyone's guess as to why Todd Stroger needs three weeks off. Supposedly it's medical leave, for something routine and is not serious. Is it a mental health leave? But who would believe anything as far as Strogers' and medical issues are concerned. When Daddy John fell ill, they said he would recover, that he was talking, that he was running Cook County from his bed. When in fact after the deadline for any candidate to jump into the Presidential race for Cook County ended, he barely could scratch out a scribble. And no one has seen hide nor hair of John Stroger since the day he fell ill. Cook County Commissioner Joseph Moreno, from the 7th District will be taking over for Todd in the interim.

Will we ever really know the real reason he needed 3 weeks off?


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Isn't it the season to go to Hawaii? 3 week medical leave and he is getting a lot of guff from taxpayers in Cook county about his perfromance in his job and bad decision making? Hope it is brain surgery 'cause the dude's head is dead.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Does it matter what he is doing for three weeks? He will do less damage the three weeks he is gone.

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