Todd Stroger gets approval for his choice of positions

Todd's getting his people on board

Stroger's cousin Donna Dunnings gets CFO by 10 to 6 vote.
Commissioner Mike Quigley conveniently out of town on this vote. He was one of two Democratic Democratic Commissioners who would vote against this, Forrest Claypool was the other

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's embattled choice as the county's chief financial officer, his cousin Donna Dunnings, won board approval on Wednesday.
Although Dunnings' nomination appeared to be in trouble since Stroger announced it in February, the board's legislative committee, which includes all commissioners, OK'd it by a 10-to-6 vote.
Only the five Republican commissioners and Commissioner Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago) opposed it. Commissioner Mike Quigley (D-Chicago), who had promised to vote against Dunnings, was out of town.
After the vote, a defiant Dunnings had a curt response to her critics: "Get a life."

She voluntarily has agreed to forego the $10,000 bump in pay she would get to her $142,000 annual salary.

In similar split votes, the county board also approved Stroger's three other nominations:

• Mark Kilgallon, the director of human resources when the county department was raided by the FBI last year, was approved as chief administrative officer. Kilgallon said federal prosecutors have told him he's not a target of their investigation.

• Carmen Triche -- former purchasing agent for the county forest preserve district and the wife of Stroger's childhood friend, state Rep. Marlow Colvin -- becomes the county's purchasing agent. Triche pointed out that she married Colvin only recently and has worked for the county since 1990.

• Joseph Fratto, the former Chicago Park District pension fund director who was Stroger's boss when Stroger worked at the park district, now is the county comptroller.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Yup, another one bite the dust. The question is how much is the board being paid to allow Todd to bring truck load of his family and friend jobs? Certainly, there should be an investigation into ethics.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Hmm, I bet she's not even worth the $10,000 in pay she gave up. Forget the $142,000.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Oh, on the latest the dude who stamped his his own postcards but 'claims' he did not read them, Victor Wogen . . . That guy's campaign manager wrote something about how the previous alderman got elected twelve years ago based on slam campaign literature. Ha! Not only did people remember the truth, the guy who wrote it still had the evidence. There was no slam. Check it out:

    Ha Ha! Those dudes thought they could get away with making something up based on rumors, when someone had the evidence that they are idiots.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Kittybowtie for the next alderman candidate! LOL!

    Urkel needs to go...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Kitty he paid for postage, brought them to the post office, it has his picture on and he did not take a moment to look at one?
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Yeah, the dude's lies are just unbelievable.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "Kitty he paid for postage, brought them to the post office, it has his picture on and he did not take a moment to look at one?"

    LMAO! Unbelievable. The folks in Chicago need to get rid the dude.

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