Dr. Simons says patients can wait, what other choice do they have? How many are in pain while they are waiting?
SW side condo boom, really? OK so this is the far South, Southwest side. Hardly a boom considering what is going on the near south side just south of the Loop.
And Cook County is doing business with Rezko, who is/was involved with a company headed by a dead woman.

Rezko's name keeps coming up, this time with Cook County, and Todd Stroger's office found this problem, that was started under Daddy John Stroger's tenure. Sure if John Stroger can run Cook County after a debilitating stroke, why can't a dead woman run a business?
Four years after a company with ties to indicted political insider Tony Rezko landed a lucrative no-bid Cook County contract, there's no evidence the firm has done any work for the millions of dollars it has made.
Crucial Communications is a minority-owned subcontractor on AT&T's pact to provide phone services at the county jail. But a recent audit shows the company has not submitted any documents showing what it has done for the more than $2 million it has received, other than help AT&T meet its minority contracting requirement.
Crucial Communications is headed by Jabir Muhammad, son of former Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. In 2005, the City of Chicago accused Muhammad of serving as a minority front for Rezko on an O'Hare Airport contract.
Records also show Cook County government did not receive more than $1 million it was owed on that contract, which commissioners have called an insider deal from the start.
The findings by the county's own auditors have prompted County Board President Todd Stroger to shake up leadership, as "we're very troubled by it," chief of staff Lance Tyson said. "It's not going to be tolerated."
Headed by a dead woman
When the contract was awarded, Commissioner Mike Quigley called it "incestuous as hell."
Rezko, indicted for allegedly demanding kickbacks on state contracts, shares office space with the firm, is close to Muhammad and has a brother on the firm's payroll. Rezko denies he has anything to do with Crucial Communications, even though he is part owner of a separate firm in the same office, Crucial Inc., which provided the startup money for Crucial Communications.
For almost a year, Crucial Communications was nominally headed by a dead woman, and John Stroger's personal assistant notarized documents confirming her continued involvement.
A person who answered the phone at Crucial Communications twice replied "who?" when asked for Muhammad. When Crucial was mentioned, she referred the call to a Cook County government number.
A message left at that county number was not returned.
An attorney for Muhammad, who has been seriously ill for years, also did not return a call.

County: Some patients waiting a year
May 1, 2007
Staff writer Jonathan Lipman
County health officials acknowledged today some patients are waiting up to a year for orthopedic medical procedures at Stroger Hospital, but said the problems predate recent budget cuts.
"The orthopedic hip replacements, there’s been a backlog of a year or more all along," health bureau chief Robert Simon told the county board. "This is before the budget you guys passed was implemented.
"We just never have had the resources to do all the hip replacements that need to be done."
All people who need emergency orthopedic procedures -- which deal with bone and joint problems -- are getting them, Simon said. The backlog is in hip replacement and other things that are "not critical, that could wait," Simon said.
He was responding to questions from commissioners after a report in the Daily Southtown last month.
The Southtown reported patients being transferred from Provident Hospital’s shuttered orthopedic unit to Stroger Hospital were getting appointments a year away. The county eliminated 260 doctors in the 2007 budget.

County workers don't need receipts to get repaid?
May 1, 2007
By Steve Patterson
It apparently doesn't take much for a Cook County government employee to get reimbursed for an expense.
Sometimes employees provide no proof of their actual expense, while other times they produce handwritten notes instead of receipts, according to findings of an internal county audit.
It's not known how much that lax oversight has cost the county over the years, but Board President Todd Stroger says it's ending.
"All departments will be audited moving forward," said his chief of staff, Lance Tyson. "Accountability is really one of the major elements of this year."
Auditors pointed out problems with proof of expenses and other petty cash withdrawals from the county's information technology department.
Gasoline is also being reimbursed to employees, the audit says, without receipts or explanations for use.
The county's now-ousted IT director, Catherine Maras-O'Leary, said new reimbursement policies are in the works.
Chicago Sun-Times

Bill Beavers also lives in a glass house so he had better watch who he is throwing stones at
Peraica accepted $2,000 per month of in-kind campaign contributions by accepting free office space for his campaign from the same man who also rents Peraica space for his Cook County commissioner’s office in Westchester.
The county ethics ordinance limits commissioners to $3,000 in contributions per year from people who do business with the county, so the free space amounted to a violation.
Peraica said it was an oversight because the checks are made out to two separate names and he will voluntarily pay back the rent to his landlord.
Any closer examination of the oft-ignored ethics rules could backfire for Beavers.
For years, the former Chicago alderman used the same address for his Democratic Party committeeman’s office — the headquarters of his political organization — as he used for his city-funded aldermanic office. His daughter, Darcel Beavers, was appointed as his replacement and is using it now.
Stroger could also run into ethics problems. A provision of the ordinance says “No official or employee shall participate in a hiring decision, in any agency over which such official … exercises immediate supervision with respect to any … relative of the official.”
Today, Stroger will ask the county board to appoint his cousin, Donna Dunnings, as his chief financial officer. The ethics ordinance includes cousins as relatives.

Condo boom on SW side, Beverly, Morgan Park and Mt. Greenwood neighborhoods


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Sounds like the daily soap opera on Scum TV. Chicago has some issues. And it will be interesting on how Todd Urkel get around the ethic issue on hiring his cousin.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Donna Dunnings, cousin of Toddster new CFO of Cook County, confirmed.
    KittyBowTie said...
    The Toddler is asking for accountablity and reciepts? Wow, that's funny!
    SP Biloxi said...
    Commissioner Tony Peraica (R-Riverside) said he believed Dunnings' appointment was a violation of the county's ethics ordinance because they are related. Stroger disagreed.

    "If it was [a violation] then I wouldn't put it out there," Stroger said. "I think that she'll do a good job because she knows government, she cares about government and she's not one to fail. I've never seen her fail."

    Please... The voting was 10-6? Urkel got what he wanted his counsin and his childhood friend. And I wonder how many people on that board were brought off. Dunnings' attitude towards for new given position by the naysayers was a bit cocky.


    LOL! Isn't that amazing? A crook is asking for accountability..
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Yeah, the Toddler asking for accountablity would be like a burgler wanting to make sure the door was locked after he (or she) robbed the place blind.
    SP Biloxi said...
    LMAO, Kittybowtie!

    A crook asking another crook....Dumb and dumber...

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