Todd Stroger, What is he thinking?

You have to wonder what Todd is thinking? I know Steve Mayberry, soon to be ex-spokesman, must be counting his days until he is done with answering questions on all Todd's escapades. Now here is someone who was not paid enough for what he had to do. Good luck Steve! Maybe you can take a few days off.

Another Steele, Cook County Employee, possibly moving up
Holden -- sister to Commissioner Robert Steele and daughter of former commissioner and interim board president Bobbie Steele -- is the highest-paid official in the county's bureau of information technology after Maras O'Leary, earning $125,000 in 2007, according to budget documents.
Holden was the "information security officer" at Stroger Hospital, making $86,203 a year, until her recent transfer to her new post as "program manager," one of only two people working directly under Maras O'Leary.
Stroger said he'll be interviewing for Maras O'Leary's replacement. He ridiculed the idea of giving Holden the job, but did not rule it out.
"I just got in the building 10 minutes ago, so I hadn't heard the rumor yet," Stroger told a reporter. "So you just filled me in; thank you."

Now that the referral computer system is shut down, all patients needing a specialist must go through the whole process at the Health system, entering through the Emergency room, having tests redone, and now there is a lack health care personal this will overburden the already overburdened system
Who's been cut at bureau of health?
Doctors: 260
Nurses: 230
Other (clerks, technicians, therapists): 189
Administrators: 112
Oak Forest building service: 106
Stroger police: 73
Oak Forest laundry: 36
Oak Forest food service: 19
An additional 670 positions in the Bureau of Health were reduced to $1, but the county would not provide a breakdown of those jobs. Stroger's office says those jobs can be restored without county board approval.

Definitions used :
Doctor -- any doctor, physician or resident who is not a chairman or coordinator. Also dentists, psychologists.
Nurse -- any nurse, RN, LPN, nurse practitioner, certified nursing assistant or physician's assistant not a chairman or coordinator.
Administrator -- anyone with chairman, coordinator, administrator, supervisor in their title or any "assistant" making more than $70,000

10 days off without pay by November 30thAll nonunion employees in 38 divisions under the president will be affected, according to Stroger spokesman Steve Mayberry.

(A conflicting memo dated last Wednesday, however, indicates Stroger may attempt to force unionized workers to take furlough days as well. The unions are threatening to file a grievance).


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "But what if your boss made you to take 10 days off, unpaid, by Nov. 30?"

    "That's what Cook County is demanding of its employees under the 2007 budget agreement struck in February. President Todd Stroger's office sent a memo last week outlining the perimeters for the forced furlough, which his budgeteers estimate will save the county $6.98 million."

    Unbelievable.. People can't survived with a paycheck for town weeks. The city is turning into indenture servants.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes, and shutting down the health refferal system with less doctors and nurses is just going to contribute. But of course they are still paying absorbant amounts of bank fees to Seaway bank, but that's ok?
    SP Biloxi said...
    And how is the state of Illnois is going to handle winning the bid for the Olympics with city officials like Todd thatis running the city in the Chicago in the ground with a huge deficit.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Mayor Daley supposidly has this under control.

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