Todd Stroger still laughing

No wonder Steve Mayberry resigned as Todd Stroger's spokesman. When Todd Stroger is asked a serious question he answers "I don't know" and laughs. Now Andre Garner is the new director of public affairs, but he will not be talking, and to the media. Being a spokesman for Todd Stroger would big the worst imaginable job possible. First you would have to act as a handler for him, to keep your job from being the worst ever. I don't think anyone is ignorant enough to ask Steve Mayberry why he resigned. I wish Steve Mayberry well, I know he had a very difficult job keeping damage control down. We will have to see who will be talking for Todd Stroger. If he has any sense what-so-ever he will speak as little as possible. I have the feeling he has been told that many times before since he never went to or spoke at any of the Public forums.

County Cleaning ProblemsJanitors at the Cook County building were laid off last month.

The Cook County Board voted Tuesday against signing a $357,000 contract with We Clean Services, the company that’s been doing the work since then.

So who’s cleaning the building at 118 N. Clark St.?

“I don’t know,” Board President Todd Stroger said before laughing.

County officials plan to meet this week to discuss the janitorial work. Until then, Sheriff Tom Dart plans to use work-release inmates to clean common areas, with employees responsible for their own offices.

Cook County Hiring problems Vanaria is accused of abusing his position as a medical education coordinator at Oak Forest Hospital between Jan. 25 to Feb. 21 by promising a job to a 21-year-old certified massage therapist in exchange for sexual favors, prosecutors said.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "So who’s cleaning the building at 118 N. Clark St.?"

    “'I don’t know,'” Board President Todd Stroger said before laughing."

    That tells you what an incompentent and nimrod city official that is running Chicago with that retarded comment.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And his only Spokesman bailed on him!
    SP Biloxi said...
    A county offical accused of sexual favors for a job? Man, the city of turning into "sex in the city."

    "And his only Spokesman bailed on him!"

    What do you expect from a man that works for a nimrod like Todd.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    The plant you see far off is one of the Old closed Steel Mills on the far South Side of Chicago, I believe the one seen is Republic Steel. This is in Sandi Jackson's new Ward, formerly the Beavers Ward. It is a sad, sad sight out there with all the desolate closed down Mills.

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