More Slush today.

Spring Slush in ChicagoBut the wet, slushy snow came as enough of a surprise to motorists to cause up to 50 accidents across the Chicago area, Illinois State Police said.
The Cubs game was called off.

Donna Dunnings, cousin of Todd is sure she'll get the votesAnd Takashi Reinbold, who Stroger wants to take Dunnings' place as budget director, has his name on an 11th-floor office, along with his possible new title. On Wednesday afternoon, his name had tape over it.
The Stroger administration is "suffering from a case of premature posting," Commissioner Mike Quigley said. "I don't think they have the votes for some of these, and doing things like this is just daring people to take them on. They just don't get it."
When Suffredin was told Dunnings Lewis' name and title were already on an office door, he replied, "You're kidding me," before giving her the benefit of the doubt, saying her appointment should be based on qualifications, not her political or family ties.
But a concern to some is an ethics ordinance prohibiting relatives from supervising each other -- a status Stroger would hold over Dunnings Lewis if she gets the job.

It's going to be interesting what will become of Dorothy Tillman, Alderman of the 3rd Ward. If she wins, she will still be out there with all her antics. If she looses I am sure she will be too.

Excerpt from John Kass's Chicago Tribune Column, April 12th:

From there you could spot aldermen in need of his help. Ald. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) was in her big hat, trying to bluff with a pair of twos, and Ald. Bernard Stone (50th) aging and tired, waited for Daley's praise for helping Asian merchants get city deals, a coincidence if there ever was one.
These two former adversaries are now on Daley's team, their toes not quite touching the bottom of the pool, hoping the mayor will keep them floating.
Another in trouble is Ald. Vi Daley (43rd), but I missed her. Her trouble was foreshadowed during the last election when the North Side's lakefront 43rd Ward Democratic organization -- now a satellite of the powerful Southwest Side's 19th Ward -- could field only a handful of political workers for Vi. I mean fewer than 15.
A few years ago she was quite the loyalist, supporting the controversial sale of the massive Clark Street CTA bus barns to mayoral friend and developer Michael Marchese, who bought the property for $6 million less than former Ald. William Singer (43rd) was willing to pay. Marchese made a fortune. Now Singer has the FBI on his back, and he might know something about how that Marchese deal went down.
Though the mayor formally supports Vi (no relation) for re-election, her opponent, Michele Smith, has been squired around the ward by former Ald. Marty Oberman, a friend of mayoral political brain and 19th Ward boss Jeremiah Joyce. Voters see Oberman and Smith and see adviser and candidate. But aldermen see them together and figure Joyce is at work. If Vi exits, City Hall might breathe easier.
But either way, no matter who loses in the 43rd, Daley wins. They'll all be his, except perhaps for newly elected 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson, the wife of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. He is playing political boss himself these days, backing candidates, though he didn't dare challenge the mayor for re-election.
"Oh, Jackson, he's a betrayer," crowed Tillman, whose opponent, Pat Dowell, is backed by Jackson. "The unions say jump, and Jackson's got to jump. He's a betrayer. He's the biggest factor in mobilizing my community."
I imagined Jackson laughing. There once was a time when Tillman shrieked Daley's name in anger, mocking, engaging in histrionics, relying on the Jacksons and others for protection. But in the 1990s she was opposed for re-election by Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a confederate of Gangster Disciples street gang king Larry Hoover. Tillman ran to Daley for help and survived, as if by design.
"I don't mind [Daley's] help. If he does something I don't like I'll vote against it," Tillman said. "But the issue is Jackson, the betrayer."
As she spoke, unintentionally funny, the mayor stood across the room, petitioners and hustlers pleading, making pliant hand gestures.
He looked over at the crowd around Tillman. He must have been tempted to grin, but he didn't, knowing that no matter who wins in the wards next week, he's still the boss.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has yet to get board approval for his cousin to be the county's new finance chief."

    Man, Todd is something else. He has put the cart before the horse. The board haven't voted on whether his cousin got the job or not and yet he puts his cousin's name on the door.

    Heard about your winter/spring weather in Chicago.. Definitely Global Warming...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    As you can see by yesterday's pictures, it rain/snowed slush or heavy mostly frozen rain, and it leaves like indentations on what is on the ground (holes if you will) like in yesterday's pictures.
    Same scene only today.

    The Toddster is out of control and Donna Dunnings, cousin talks to people and answers them like you are really inconviencing her to the max. Like it is such an effort on her part to answer. The previous meeting she was using a walker, last meeting she was walking on her own, I am thinking she is around Todd's age, too young to have arthritis. Maybe an accident.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "The Toddster is out of control"

    Let's just hope that Todd's lack of control in his position seals his fate to get ousted from his job.

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