One of the top ten colleges for CPS graduates, Daley College

More CPS graduates going on to college
HIGHER EDUCATION | Public school kids also heading for tougher institutions in larger numbers

April 25, 2007
BY ROSALIND ROSSI Education Reporter/
The number of Chicago public school graduates going on to college is on a steady uptick, rising from 44 percent to 46 percent to 48 percent over the last three years, CPS officials revealed Wednesday.

Even so, the college enrollment rate of CPS grads is still well below the national average of 64 percent, a target the system hopes to eventually hit, said Greg Darnieder, CPS head of post-secondary programs.

• Where the grads are
"We know there are pockets of our kids who have tremendous ability who are not going to college,'' Darnieder said.
Last year, more than half of CPS female graduates enrolled in college by November, compared with only 45 percent of male ones, data showed. Latino males were least likely to go on to college (36.7 percent did so in 2006); Asian females were most likely (78.1 percent).

More also made it into tougher schools, with 66.4 percent of 2006 grads entering four-year colleges vs. 64 percent the year before.

The University of Illinois at Chicago once again was the No. 1 CPS destination, absorbing 6.8 percent of all college-bound CPS grads.

Picking up steam was the even more selective U. of I./Urbana, which went from No. 4 to No. 3 in popularity. It got 6.4 percent of last year's grads, up from 5.7 percent.

DePaul University also moved up, from the No. 11 to the No. 10 destination. Brian Spittle, DePaul's assistant vice president for enrollment management, said he's seeing more CPS grads enter DePaul with honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes.

As a result, CPS grads have slightly better one-year retention and six-year DePaul graduation rates, Spittle said.

CPS officials conceded that a small part of the 2006 college enrollment boost may have been due to the addition of Robert Morris College to the tracking system. About 200 CPS graduates enrolled in Morris last year who would not have been counted in past years.

College No. of students enrolled % of total CPS class
1. University of Illinois at Chicago 564 6.8
2. Northeastern Illinois University 551 6.6
3. University of Illinois at Urbana 528 6.4
4. Wright College* 520 6.3
5. Harold Washington College* 464 5.6
6. Northern Illinois University 345 4.1
7. Daley College* 319 3.8
8. Chicago State University 260 3.1
9. Malcolm X College* 242 2.9
10. DePaul University 238 2.9

*Part of the City Colleges of Chicago


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Even so, the college enrollment rate of CPS grads is still well below the national average of 64 percent, a target the system hopes to eventually hit,"

    And the high cost of college tuition and lack of the dream are one of the main factors on why many of the students don't go to college. My alma mater college is expensive to go to now. The concern right now is what is the percentage of minorities going to college in the poor and middle class? And how many of them get their college diplomas and become a success in life?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    It was even worse when I graduated from CPS, even worse on the South Side. To me this is high, I don't know what the breakdown is for the neighborhoods either, but 'Wright College is the only City College on the North Side, Malcom X is west side, Washington near Loop and Daley is South Side.
    I would like to see a breakdown on which CPS schools or neighborhoods went where, and what the percentages are for each part of town.

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