Andre Garner out to save Todd Stroger from himself

The first thing Andre Garner can do for Todd Stroger is show him not to chuckle and grin so much. How long will Andre last? He will also have to deal with Lance Tyson, Todd's Chief of Staff, aka Chief Handler, just making Andre's job much harder.

Andre Garner

Citizens want citizens to investigate police matters in Chicago
The proposal comes in the wake of an infamous videotaped beating of a female bartender by an off-duty officer -- and less than a week after police Supt. Phil Cline announced plans to resign.
And a law professor has now released data showing that the department during the past few years has meted out punishment in less than 1 percent of cases of alleged police abuse -- a percentage far below that of other big-city police departments.

Cook County employees cleaning their own offices

But there aren't enough workers, Dart's office said, so county employees will have to collect their own trash and haul it into the corridors to be picked up.
"We're cleaning our own offices now," Commissioner Joan Murphy (D-Crestwood) said with a laugh. "We had volunteers. Commissioner (Robert) Steele said he'd take his turn. We were all going to draw straws to see who was going to do it first."
The building's janitors all work for Dart, and he pulled them out of the building shortly after the county cut 80 janitors as part of countywide budget cuts in February.
Stroger hired a private firm on an emergency basis, but the board voted down the contract Tuesday, leaving no one to clean the building.
Stroger's and Dart's staff met to broker a deal, and community service workers started Wednesday night cleaning all the common areas and public rest rooms at the county, Dart spokesman Bill Cunningham said.
Dart's office had proposed that solution before, but Stroger was worried about security. All of the community service crews are working off criminal convictions, and some county offices handle sensitive material such as court files and personal financial data.
The sheriff's department is asking all county building workers to do what they can bagging their trash and keeping things clean.
Dart's office does not consider the deal a permanent solution, Cunningham said, and favors restoring some of the cut positions. The union representing janitors has sued the county to get back the jobs cut during countywide budget reductions in February.

David Orr Cook County Clerk already is worried about voter issues
Orr's office discovered the suspicious cases through routine checks of absentee voters. His office will monitor voting next weekend at area nursing homes.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Hmmm.. Urkelster spends big bucks on an assistant, lay off honest and hard working taxpayers, make huge cut in the city, and yet he thinks everything is wonderful?

    Garner can't save Todd from Todd's mess no matter how much Todd pays him or anyone else.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    It will be interesting to see who will speak for Todd, now that Steve Mayberry is gone, and what Andre Garner will do to improve Todd's image.
    SP Biloxi said...
    I wouldn't hold my breath on Andre to improve Todd' image. Bad karma will arise for Todd because of his greed and lies to the city of Chicago. Just sit back with popcorn and see the Todd's dynasty crumble...

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