Two Seasons in Chicago - Winter & Road Construction

We are not entering the construction season. All we can hope for is that the Dan Ryan Expressway is finished ahead of schedule. A view from the Sears tower, south looking towards the Dan Ryan. Alternatives for the South siders is either the Red or Green El line. The State Street bus is also the scenic and slow route.

Dan Ryan Expressway updates

Last phase of the Dan Ryan Expressway construction


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Soory I am late going on your blog. Who is going to pay for this freeway? How long was this project? I assume that this is another bill to the taxpayers. My freeways in my area remains unfisnhed for a while. And I know that project is coming out the pockets of the taxpayers.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    This is an IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation project) I don't use the Ryan much because I am always using local streets, which now will have more traffic on them. This is a main expressway for people going really far South, almost Indiana, or where Jesse Jackson Jr. wants the third airport located, Peotone.

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