Tony Peracia makes good on promise not to be a potted plant.

At the last Cook County Board meeting Tony Peracia was anything but a potted plant. Yes he vowed that after he lost the election for Cook County Board President he would not be a potted plant. Tony Peracia was cut off by Commissioner Butler for getting close to his 10 minutes on a subject. Tony Peracia was on the subject of the voting machines and why there is still both the scan ballots and the touch screen being used. He did point out that most election judges are senior citizens and have a hard time seeing the touch screen. He also made good point that they do have more problems with the touch screens on calibrations etc. He also made a good point that the scan sheets would give a backup as well as be able to be used in a power outage. So when are they going to make the decision to go to one voting method and save money by doing so? So why pay for both?
I know that Commissioner Peracia is not happy with Commissioner Gorman for defecting from the budget. I know Commissioner Gorman is now the Republican GOP Chairman for Cook County, winning against a Peracia backed opponent. What I don't understand is how a South Side gal, daughter of a Chicago Fireman, defected to the Republican Party anyhow. Now she is the Chairman of the Cook County Republicans and she backed Democrat Todd Stroger against other republicans on the budget. She also needs to loose a few names: Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman.

The defectors Tony Peracia refers to are Commissioners:Gorman, Goslin, Quigley and Silvestri.
The alternative budget originally co-sponsored by the four defecting commissioners would have been a rare win for taxpayers and citizens. Why they didn't stick with the majority of their colleagues, as one news columnist wrote, remains "a mystery."

Backlash from the Cook County BudgetPeraica then posted a more biting message on his Web site titled, "Tell Liz Gorman the Truth Hurts." He included her e-mail address and office phone numbers so her constituents could complain to her more conveniently.

Why the amplified umbrage for Gorman?

"When the Republican county chair votes in favor of Todd Stroger's budget that preserves (Stroger's) family members, financial donors and Democratic committeemen, and we're firing sheriff's police officers, it's demoralizing to Republicans who are trying to rebuild," Peraica said. "I believe (Gorman) is held to a higher standard as a leader of our party."

Gorman's GOP colleagues recently elected her chairman of the Cook County Republican Party over an opponent backed by Peraica.

Certainly, Gorman's support of Stroger's budget placed her in a risky position. The bulk of her Orland Township constituents voted against Stroger for Cook County Board president. Stroger took 24 percent of the Orland Township vote to Peraica's 76 percent.

Chicago City Council busy
Flags at all city buildings will be lowered to half staff any time an Illinois member of the U.S. military dies in the line of duty under an ordinance approved Wednesday.

Chicago on Wednesday toughened its penalties on owners of dangerous dogs, doubling fines and adding possible jail terms of up to six months if owners don't comply with orders to turn over their animal


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Hello there,

    I am reading your posting of Chicago land. I am glad that the city is having stiffer fines for pets. We have a very strict rules for dogs. There have been toom nay post masters with dog bites. Now, the rules are that if the dog is not the presence of the postmaster when he/she has the mail for the owner, the postmaster will not deliver the homeowner's mail. And picking up the dog's poop adds stiff fines for the owner. Maybe those stiffer fines and clean up the streets of Chicago.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Oh, that good about the lower the flags half staff...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Hopefully this will be a responsibility wake up call for owners, especially pit bull owners!
    Yes, the flags at half mast might bring some attention to the losses in this war on terror.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "the flags at half mast might bring some attention to the losses in this war on terror."

    That's true and a wakeup call to do something.

    My neighborhood has a lot of dogs so the post master will not deliver mail to that residence if any dog or dogs are not in the post master's presence. Also, if the dogs are barking and disturbing the neighbors, police can show up at the door with a city fine. My next door neighbor got in trouble for that.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    The City also wants these dangerous dogs chipped. My cat was chipped it's no big deal, it's like a shot that deposits a microchip the size of a grain of rice. I think all the dogs should be chipped, it's only like 40 or 50 dollars and if you can't afford that you should not have a dog.
    We have more problems with strays/abandoned dogs as well.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "We have more problems with strays/abandoned dogs as well."

    I hope that your city doesn't put these animals to sleep. We have a large animal right organization out in my area and alot of animal shelters. There are alot of organization who are against putting an animal to sleep. I heard on the radio last week that a city is over populated with squirrels and the city forbids the killing of the squirrels so they are injecting the squirrels with birth control. I wish that can adopted in other cities and spread to other states.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    If they can't find the owner and the animal is unadoptable that's what happens at the Cook County Animal Welfare.

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