Todd Stroger needs to get a grip on reality

Todd Stroger noticeably absent from this parade, but two people he was rather nasty to were here. Dick Devine and Tom Dart did not get booed, as they participated in the St. Patrick's Day parade. Would Todd have been booed again?

More surprises every day from Todd Stroger. The ever so honest cough, cough Dr. Simon, Daddy John Stroger's personal physician who proved himself so trustworthy in that affair, has decided to eliminate all the long term care patients at Cook County's Oak Forest Hospital. Where will they go? Who knows? Yes, we all lost trust in Dr. Simon following former President John Stroger's resignation with a totally illegible signature after the deadline for entering the Presidents race had ended. Now Todd Stroger wants an already severely cut department, the Cook County Sheriff, to enforce County Stickers. Yes, that will bring in all kinds of money to the County according to Todd. Todd needs to get a grip, the Sheriffs department just recovered a whole lot of Pot,pounds and pounds of it, other drugs, and over 2 million dollars worth of cash over the weekend. Really Todd take them off of these types of assignments and check for County stickers on cars? Todd get a grip. What other truths has Dr. Simon going to let us in on?

Already very busy and understaffed Cook County Sheriff's police will check cars for County stickers County Board President Todd Stroger "is committed to making sure that all of the funds that are due Cook County are recouped, especially in this time of financial crisis," county spokesman Steve Mayberry said. Patrol officers in the unincorporated areas were among the thousands of jobs cut as part of the $3 billion budget County Board members passed last month.

Simon said it might be less complicated to eliminate all long-term care rather than reduce the number of beds, the doctors said.

If the county tries to reduce the beds from 220 to 70, as Simon proposed, each patient asked to leave would have an opportunity to contest the transfer in a hearing with an administrative law judge, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Public Health said.
But the rules are different if the category of care is eliminated.

The county would have to get permission from the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, an additional hurdle.

If the state grants permission, however, the displaced residents merely are guaranteed 30 days notice.

"If it would be downsized, one would have to seek the permission of the residents to move them out," Ashenhurst said was the way Simon explained it. "He seemed surprised by that."

The hospital's long-term residents are severely disabled, indigent and have complex medical needs, said Dr. Srinivas Jolepalem, an attending physician who has been a persistent critic of the cuts.

If they are transferred to nursing homes, they no longer would have physicians on hand daily to oversee their care and respond to emergencies, Jolepalem said.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon:

    County Board President Todd Stroger "is committed to making sure that all of the funds that are due Cook County are recouped, especially in this time of financial crisis,"

    Please... What a crock coming out of Urkel's mouth. He hires his relatives and can't balance the budget. That's a "real bright" city official. And he was a no show at the parade? Did he showed uo last year? Was it this about Toodster being booed? Give me the scoop.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Toddler was Alderman of Ward 8 last year.
    But early this year after Obama announced he was running for President, Toddler showed up at U of I Chicago campus for a rally for Obama and was booed terrible, just the sight of him started the crowd up.
    He should of been at this parade since he is now the President of Cook County, the Sheriff (Tom Dart), the Assesor(Houlihan)float with a flat and no one on it, the Cook County State's attorney(Dick Devine) showed up and the Sheriff and Dick Devine, were walking together and a little later there they were with their floats, or in Tom Dart's case, Sheriff's cars.
    As a matter a fact a year ago Dr. Simon was lieing through his teeth on the condition of Toddsters Daddy. Which for an elderly guy with a long history of health problems it was hard to believe he was in as good of shape that Dr. Simon led to believe.

    Now he is going after County stickers PA LEEZE, the Cook County Sheriffs department just confisated a tonage of pot over the weekend, now to go find cars without stickers! Toddster needs a clue, I hope to see Tom Dart, and Dick Devine continue to not take this nonsence from the Toddster.
    Levois said...
    People doesn't like him yet he got elected. I think he's resting on his daddy's laurels. Since his new buddy, Bill Beavers got smacked at the polls last month who knows how far Stroger is going to go.

    Well too bad the machine knew what they were doing.
    SP Biloxi said...
    I can see why the Toddster was booed by the crowd during Obama's announcement of running for Prez. Thanks for enlightening about the Toddster, Bill Beavers, and Todd's daddy. By the way, many of the city officials that you mentioned from the beginning are on the list for investigation from one of my postings on my blog. The list alos includes Troutman. It is only a matter of time for Urkel. Sooner or later, Toddster will slip.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Chicago Native:

    You ask a question on the my blog concerning of list of officials under investigation.

    Here is the list of officials under investigation in all states.

    I answered your question on my blog.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Thanks! I also gave Jackie fair warning what will happen in a Pyscho Laura sighting!
    SP Biloxi said...
    "I also gave Jackie fair warning what will happen in a Pyscho Laura sighting!"

    LOL! Laura is a frightening first lady with that Joker and Fatal Attraction smile...

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