Todd Stroger got a break for the municipal election

It poured rain yesterday. Today the rain is a layer of ice on the snow. It is freezing cold and extremely windy in this City. But the adorable guys on the White Sox are nice and warm in Arizona.

Todd Stroger was able to stay out of the media target for a few days because of the municipal elections. But he is back in the cross hairs, now Jesse Jackson Sr.'s.

Arenda Troutman is going to be taking up her case with the US District Attorney's office, maybe they can add it to the file they currently have going with her. This woman is in dire need of a reality check. She appropriately dressed in orange the night of elections, its a good thing she likes that color because she may be wearing it more often, in jumpsuit form. Arenda Troutman still refuses to concede the election even though her opponent received twice as many votes.

It was just a matter of time before Jesse Jackson involved, and he is trying to include the Mayor and Governor
"It's a death sentence," Jackson said of the cuts, calling on Stroger to hold a summit meeting with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Jackson threatened the county with civil- rights lawsuits if some services weren't restored, but he refused to give a timetable or say what exactly he wants the county to do.

We've already begun the process of laying those people off," sheriff's spokeswoman Sally Daly (spokesperson for Tom Dart)said. "It's our understanding that the budget is finalized. -- But there is some concern there, because we've never experienced anything like this."
Stroger's office now says the final budget cut 2,193 jobs countywide. On the day the budget was approved, officials said that number was more like 1,700 jobs.

And why weren't some of these mystery people with mystery positions cut? And a $110,000-a-year county spokeswoman who doesn't speak publicly.

For all the job cuts county board President Todd Stroger made to try to balance a roughly $3 billion budget, he remains under fire for those he didn't cut -- many held by those with political clout.

Like John Rita, father of state Rep. Bob Rita (D-Crestwood), who's the county's $90,000 liaison to unincorporated areas. Stroger's office said Rita regularly deals with township officials and others in the suburbs, but county commissioners who once held township jobs say they never heard of him.

While Chief Circuit Court Judge Tim Evans lost 221 jobs in the court system, the $99,000-a-year chief administrator's position held by Stroger's sister, Yonnie Clark, wasn't one of them. Evans said Clark has been assigned work that still isn't complete, but the job could be cut later.

"The People" have spoke with their vote Arenda Troutman

When Arenda Troutman lost her bid for a fifth term as alderman of the 20th Ward Tuesday night, not only did she refuse to concede-she hurled charges of widespread vote fraud and promised to investigate election results, even saying she hopes to get the U.S. District Attorney involved. Or in need of a reality check, the U.S. District Attorney is already involved with Troutman.,

But analysts and community leaders attributed her comments to sour grapes. And one veteran of Chicago's political wars doubted Troutman's claims would carry any weight.

Surrounded by supporters Tuesday night, an angry Troutman listed a number of perceived violations, including electioneering by two nonprofit groups on behalf of her opponent Willie B. Cochran.

"It's some kind of conspiracy," she said. "It's not on Arenda Troutman, it's on the people."> Troutman in need of a reality check.

Cochran won the race by 62.5 percent compared with 32 percent for Troutman.

But on Tuesday she was the one making accusations. Troutman directed her charges at two men who have openly endorsed Cochran-Dr. Leon Finney Jr., president of The Woodlawn Organization, and the Rev. Arthur M. Brazier, pastor of the 20,000-member Apostolic Church of God in Woodlawn.

TWO is a non-profit, non-partisan organization and receives federal funding. Under the Internal Revenue Code, all so-called 501(c)(3) organizations, such as TWO and the Apostolic Church of God, are forbidden to participate in any political campaign for or against any candidate for elective public office.

"As a citizen, I have opposed her reelection because of her incompetence in office," Brazier said. "But as a pastor at church, I have never said to my congregation, from my pulpit, who they should vote for."

But he added, "I can always lay out my views as to the competency of anyone in office." Brazier said.

"The only U.S. District Attorney she can contact is the one that arrested her and charged her with bribery," Brazier said. "That's the most irrational thing I've ever heard of." Irrational in need of a reality check? Same difference.

Miller echoed these views, saying that when Troutman has a 2-1 vote against her and still says she is waiting for all the vote totals to come in, "You know you're dealing with someone who is in denial."Or in need of a reality check. Whatever verbiage you prefer.

Investigators responded to a complaint that election judge Mary Jane Solis, wife of Alderman Danny Solis (25th Ward ), was introducing herself to voters-possibly illegal electioneering.

While Allen said his investigators found "no indication of any kid of electioneering," there will likely be a line on the next judge application forbidding people from working in jurisdictions where they have relatives on the ballot.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    I know you will be glad when Fitz returns to Chicago for good. A mess in your area. LOL on the kitty with the bobblehead baseball player. When is there going to be a Todd Urkel bobblehead? Is there anyway I can order one?
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Hey Chicago Native:

    I just heard about Patrick Collins. You were right. 28 years... Man, he gave a lot to his career. Major lost at the DOJ. But, glad he was offered as partner at a firm since he does probono work. Good for him. IMHO, his talents were wasted. I am glad that he took control over his future instead of someone doing that for him.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes I was listening to news radio today and heard about Patrick Collins. There was a good article in last months Chicago Magazine on Patrick Collins. He also had a daughter born during the Sorich trial.
    Yes Ryan (ex-Gov) and Sorich (Daley's Patronage Chief) are both out on appeals now, both cases Patrick Collins was lead proscecutor on. Hopefully there will be someone as good if either of these two win appeals.
    Arenda Troutman is hopeless, and I am glad to see that enough of "the People" in ward 20 voted her and her gang banging friends out.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    I have a funny feeling, Chicago Native. Now that Ryan is gone and was the lead prosecutor for Ryan, I hope that the DOJ don't put in a lame duck prosecutor in which Ryan can get out of jail free card. Let's hope the DOJ office do the right thing.

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