This made my day! Todd Stroger on jury duty.

Todd Stroger had jury duty and he forgot to bring a book to read? I would of gladly run a book on ethical behaviour over to him, told my boss it was an emergency and I needed a hour off. I can only hope we have pictures somewhere of this event, Todd wearing his red and white sticker and all. I wonder if Todd was able to sneak in a cigarette with his sister while he was there?

Would rather see him in a different court situation, but I'll take it
Cook County Board President Todd Stroger got a ground's-eye view of the county judicial system Tuesday when he was called to jury duty at the Criminal Courts Building.

Stroger is ultimately in charge of the county's huge judicial system, but he made a rookie mistake -- he forgot to bring a book.

"It was kind of a long day, just a lot of waiting," Stroger said. "Mostly you just play with your fingernails. You can't do much else."

Stroger was dismissed about 5 p.m. without being chosen. He was screened as a potential juror for a trial on an unlawful use of a weapon.

It was his first time sitting for jury duty in criminal court, though he's sat for juries in the Daley Center's civil courts three or four times.

Stroger said lawyers didn't ask him any unusual questions, but some of his answers might have been unique.

"They asked about whether we had any positions on handgun control. I said, 'Yes, that it was part of my job to take a stance on that. I worked on the handgun control bill (in Springfield) and even as an alderman I went to Springfield with the mayor."

Lawyers also asked Stroger if he knew anyone who had been a crime victim.

"I said sure. I know of like a zillion people," Stroger said. "I know people who've been robbed, people who've been burglarized, people who've been killed, I'm sorry to say."

Stroger said he didn't consider trying to get out of jury duty.

"That's part of the American process, so I don't have anything bad to say about it," he said.

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Cool reception for Stroger when he shows for jury duty

March 28, 2007
A chorus of bitter whispers greeted Cook County Board President Todd Stroger as he appeared for jury duty Tuesday at the 26th and California courthouse.
Many prosecutors remain furious at Stroger, whose recent budget cuts led to dozens of layoffs in their ranks and a sense that the county's top official doesn't understand how the criminal system works.

But Stroger said he heard no complaints as he waited most of the day only to find out he would not be picked for a jury hearing an illegal gun possession case.

"They are county workers just like me," he said. "I don't think anyone would be quite that petty."

Stroger wore a red-and-white "juror" sticker, just like everyone else, and he squeezed -- sardine-like -- into the elevators with all of the other prospective jurors.

He also received a $17 check for his service, which he said he plans to give back to the county.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Urkel on jury duty? LOL! He doesn't do squat in his job yet he has jury duty. The only book that Urkel should read is: How to Win Friends and Influence people. He certainly is not a good leader in the city. And he would be less of a man if he pockets the money from jury duty.
    SP Biloxi said...
    p.s. We have Church chicken. Haven't been there in years.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    They (Church's) only seem to be in certain parts of the City, South and West sides. Up on the North side there are too many ecclectic foo foo food places that have food that is artwork, and you not only wonder what is it, but is all the greenery etc edible?
    Yes, we keep it real on the South side.

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