One week from a bright green River

The parade lineup, starts at 12 Noon a week from today Next Saturday's ST. Patrick's Day parade highlighted participants are:

102. Mayor Richard Daley & Family

103. Cook County Commissioner John Daley

104. Congressman Daniel Lipinski

105. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

106. Racine Kilties

107. Michael Collins

108. Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine

It's no wonder the 13th Ward has the most people come out to vote, our Cook County Commissioner and our Congressman are all participating in the parade.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Are you going to that event? Sounds nice to go to. and I am envious that your city will dye the river green. We don't have that in my area. Remember, I don't know my own Mayor in my neighborrhood. He only comes out for a his check and certain event for his 15 minute photo-ops...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Mostly like will be there unless, something from work comes up. The South Side St. Patricks day is tommorow, yes on the South Side. We also have the Bud Bilikin parade. The north siders have the Gay and Lesbian parade, of which Commissioner Mike Quigley (married w/children) MC's because it's in his district.
    Anonymous said...
    Well, I got to that. There isn't anything going in my area for St. Patrick's Day. I guess I have to llok for the near restaurant/pub that will hve St. Patty's day event. Have a good time at the parage tomorrow.

    SP Biloxi
    KittyBowTie said...
    I wish my mayor in the suburbs would only come out for his check and photo ops. He'd be causing less damage by not doing anything.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "I wish my mayor in the suburbs would only come out for his check and photo ops."

    LMAO! Your mayor sounds like mine. We think the mayor is dead like in Weekends at Bernie movie. He only comes out to collect his check, photo-ops, and free food. And he leaves pre-recorded message when he wants your vote.

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