From the County Budget mess to the State Budget Mess

Cook County is missing a lot of Money Cook County government is missing more than $500,000 in cash, recent audits found, and a kickback scheme involving surplus autos is suspected.
A spokesman for County Board President Todd Stroger said he's "deeply disturbed by the findings" and is asking the county's inspector general to investigate.
County Commissioner Tony Peraica called the disclosures "unbelievable," and Commissioner Mike Quigley said the county has "a hell of a problem" if the findings prove to be true.

Mayor Daley trying to bring the Olympics to Town

State budget Season
So now Blagojevich finally is giving up. He has proposed instead a wipe-out of the corporate income tax altogether and supports a shiny new baby called a gross receipts tax. What are the chances those big companies are going to adhere to a gross receipts tax? Isn't it likely loopholes and exemptions will be created under the new system?
"No one can predict the future, but a gross receipts tax doesn't lend itself to loophole exemptions," said Blagojevich's budget guy, John Filan. "With a gross receipts tax, it is what it is what it is." The Governor on Health Care

Some Families keep making headlines for the wrong reasons
Michael Ligue had a front-row seat at an infamous 2002 White Sox game when his father and older brother stormed the field and proceeded to pummel a coach.
But the then-14-year-old sat tight in his seat and held onto his dad's cell phone, keys and jewelry as the older Ligues got into a heap of trouble.
Five years later, when a friend sought revenge, the young Ligue couldn't stay on the sidelines any longer, prosecutors said Wednesday -- instead, he hatched a plot to pull off a drive-by shooting in Chicago Ridge.
Ligue, now 19, his 18-year-old girlfriend and three other friends are charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm, a Class 1 felony that carries up to 15 years in prison.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "A spokesman for County Board President Todd Stroger said he's 'deeply disturbed by the findings' and is asking the county's inspector general to investigate."

    Please.. Urkel is disturbing concerning the missing money? Here is a city official that steals, schemes, gives friends jobs, and can't balance the budget and yet he is worrying about missing money. Did he check his own pockets first?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    This is going to be a painful 4 years with the Toddster in charge of the County.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Is there anyway to have the Toddster recalled if there is enough voice of the public that they want him gone?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Not in this town!!! John Daley, Bill Beavers etc. are the biggest supporters of Toddster. (and they have numerous people behind them) Tony Peracia the Republican that ran against him is going to be bringing the missing money issue to the US Attorney's office, Mr. Fitzgerald is back in time to get that one. Oh, that would be good if the Toddster got indicted on something........ok......let me stop daydreaming....
    KittyBowTie said...
    Urkel, oh man, I am laughing so hard!!

    I'm surprised its only $500,000 that is missing. That must be from the petty cash drawer.

    Hey, there will be run off elections for a few aldermen wards? I've got friends who know Bob Fioretti.
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for the info Chicago Native. Now, I know that Chicago is Pottersville! One more question: Can Kittybowtie or Night Owl run for the city? I would vote for Kittybowtie, graduate of University of Kitty Chow, to replace Urkel. lol

    I learn alot from you all about the corruption of Chicago. But, seriously, that city needs a major cleanup. Keep me posted on Collins' replacement. Thanks!

    SP Biloxi
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Well most of the money disapeared during Dad Stroger's rein, No mention as to Dad's condition or Ariel Sharon as far as that goes.
    Well it's Toddler's mess now, and if he ends up with an appointment in The Dirksen Federal Building there are too many of us that will be too happy!
    Fioretti is in Ward 2. The runnoffs will be interesting.
    I am in Ward 13, Olivio our Alderman ran unopposed yet we had one of the highest voter turnouts in the City. We have a lot of people who care out here. We also had some of the highest number of votes for Daley (mayor), we are in John Daley's Cook County District. So we are under double Daley here.

    As far as Patrick Collins, wow that is like the biggest loss to the DOJ here. But I feel for him he was just so tired and wore at his last press conferance.
    They did a nice piece on him in Chicago Magazine, he is like one of 7 kids, grew up in Lisle, his Dad was a blue collar worker. So he comes from a good solid working class background. I wish him luck. Unless you are going up against him how could you have any ill feelings for this guy. He went up against his former boss in the Sorich trial, Tom Durkin, that must of been tough as well.
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, I didn't know that Collins came from a large family. That is certainly a big loss to the DOJ. And he was dedicated to his career.

    Sounds like your area has to deal with the two Daleys.

    As far Todd Urkel, although the missing money was in his daddy's rein, it still leaves a dark cloud on Tood and his daddy on corruption. The question which of the pockets did that money go to: Todd or his daddy?

    SP Biloxi

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