Todd Stroger now is doing business with companies connected to convicted, incarcerated Betty Loren Maltese and a Mobster Spano. What next? Since Tony Peraica's building painting on Halsted and Archer is holding up so well, he should keep it there for next election, also to remind people they could have voted responsibly, and didn't. Maybe Todd was at the Parade in the Guiness beer bottle?

Todd Stroger will still be President with a projected 3 million dollar deficitNot even a month after the Cook County Board made massive cuts to pass a $3 billion budget, next year's deficit already is in the millions.

Cigarette sales, collection of hospital-patient fees and fees from recording property deeds all are lower than county officials anticipated when balancing this year's budget, according to records released Monday.

Wary commissioners, however, are cautiously going over numbers that show $3 million shortfalls each in recorder and hospital fees and a $1.8 million shortage in cigarette sales-tax revenue.

The county had lowered its expectations for cigarette sales from $223 million expected last year to $175 million this year, but it's falling short of that mark already.

Commissioner John Daley (D-Chicago), chairman of the county board's finance committee, wasn't alarmed by the numbers but said the recorder's shortfall "is unusual, and we're going to have to address it."

Recorder Gene Moore did not return calls Monday, but Fratto said that drop is likely based on slow home sales.

Todd Stroger's buddies get no bid contracts"Also Monday, the county board voted 9-8 on Stroger's request to approve a no-bid contract with a cleaning company that has ties to Stroger's political organization and to Cicero-based mob figures.
We Clean Maintenance & Supply got the $357,000 contract to clean the county building for the next 135 days, replacing county janitors laid off because of budget cuts.

Company officials, citing the "security of our clients," declined to comment.

By August, county officials expect to award a competitively bid cleaning contract.

We Clean is headed by Julie Leopold, mother of Anthony Leopold, who testified in the criminal trial of ex-Cicero Town President Betty Loren-Maltese that the firm was loaned money by Michael Spano Jr., son of town mob boss Michael Spano Sr. Leopold paid some of the money back to Spano, but also to another man convicted in the case, John LaGiglio.
The $179,000, it was revealed, was illegally pilfered from town funds and led to Loren-Maltese's conviction.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Cook County deficit climbing and yet the Toddster still hasn't balanced the budget. Cook county deficit will get worse and worse.. Nice pics, Chicago Native...The weather is overcast today.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes and now Toddster is connected to incarcerated Betty Loren Maltese and the mob.
    Levois said...
    Unless Cook County is willing to impeach Stroger. It would be nice if Illinois voters had the power of recall.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "It would be nice if Illinois voters had the power of recall."

    Yes, that would be nice for the voters bt only the large numbers of voters have to step up to the plate to have that happen.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Hi Levois,

    Yes I know the part of 87th and Cottage grove you are blogging about. My parents first home was in Roseland, I was way too young to remember living there. But that is another area of bad blight, a lot of run down boarded up frame homes, and Roseland Hospital on 111th. I know Pullman next door (east) tryed hard with redoing the Hotel Florence, and the cobblestone neighborhood restoration. Unfortunately a few years ago some crazed person started fire to the Pullman factory. Taking the State street bus South through the years I have seen a lot of changes as well. It was unfortunate the Louis Sullivan church south of State Street burned down due to a construction mishap. Yes all the money is up North where it is already way too conjested, and all the transplants from wherever want to live. Yes Chatham and the South Side is always ignored.

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