Yes, there was Tom Dart, our Sheriff walking and waving with his wife, and the rest of the politicians, Mayor Daley, Senator Dick Durbin, and others at the beginning of the parade. And minutes later, there was Tom Dart with the Sheriff's department. How did he do it? Yes he will get my vote again for amazing participation in a St. Patrick's day parade, and also for going up against Todd Stroger so well. Yes, anyone who has dug their heels in against Todd Stroger and not let run more amok than he already is, is certainly a favorable candidate for re-election.

Stroger's choice for finance chief -- his cousin -- faces fight from commissioners

A growing number of Cook County commissioners are getting ready to fight board President Todd Stroger's choice for the county's top finance job: Donna Dunnings, his cousin.

"Donna sort of suffers the sins of all Todd's errors," said Commissioner Mike Quigley (D-Chicago), a sometimes-ally of Stroger's who plans to oppose Dunnings' nomination. "This kind of position, this kind of money, you should do a national search."

Critics heaped charges of nepotism on Stroger when he announced plans last month to nominate Dunnings, the county budget director, to replace Tom Glaser as chief financial officer. Glaser will become chief operating officer at the county health bureau, a new position.

"She'll be questioned on how she could be the (county's) budget director and how we came up with a $500 million budget shortfall," Suffredin said. "Because I don't think anyone saw that coming."

Suffredin (D-Evanston), often a critic of Stroger, said he won't oppose Dunnings. His vote would be key to any successful attempt to block the nomination.

"I can't support the continuous patronage that's going on here," said Commissioner Elizabeth Gorman (R-Orland Park). "I can't see the Republicans voting for this. It smacks the hard-working people in the face who are getting laid off."

Stroger's other nominations also will see some opposition, and Suffredin plans to have hearings on all of them at once.

Stroger nominated Joseph Fratto, executive director of the Chicago Park District pension fund, to replace Walter Knorr as comptroller. Fratto was Stroger's boss when Stroger worked at the park district and is brother of Anthony Fratto, a longtime adviser to Mayor Richard Daley.

Stroger named Carmen Triche-Colvin to be county purchasing agent. She's the wife of Stroger's close friend and ally, state Rep. Marlow Colvin.

Commissioner Suffredin was against Todd on budget, supports Todd's cousin Donna Cummings as chief financial officer, Commissioners Quigley and Gorman who supported Todd on Budget will oppose his cousin.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon, Chicago Native!

    I hope that you had a great St. Patrick's day yesterday. I did. I like the pics. Your city is certainly is festive. I have to be honest. My city did nothing and that is sad. We enjoyed a St. Patrick day dinner with friends in another city.

    So, Urkel hired his cousin. It figures. He is still giving jobs to family and relatives.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    It was a nice parade, very cold though. But I made it!
    Anonymous said...
    Glad you made it! I had talked to relatives on the East Coast this weekend. It is very cold in NY! Having problem logging on to blogger.

    SP Biloxi

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