What would Steve Neal write about if he were here today?

A picture of Steve Neal, in the Lincoln Museum and Library, something Steve fought so hard for. Almost 3 years ago we lost a great journalist.

What would Steve Neal have to write about Todd if he were here today? I often wonder, I miss reading anything by Steve Neal, his books, his Suntimes columns, this guy was smart, observant, able to put things together, and he remembered everything that happened in politics and history. Steve Neal is truly missed in this town. If anyone has not read any of his books, they should. If Steve Neal was here today how many columns would he have written about Todd Stroger?

Another sad death, Layne Staley, almost 5 years ago, Layne fighting drugs and alcohol, Steve Neal rumored to be fighting alcohol

summing it all up, from an Alice in Chains song, sung by Layne Staley

Like the coldest winter chill
Heaven Beside you...Hell within


  1. Anonymous said...
    RIP Mr. Neal. Mr. Neal would roll over his grave to see Todd creating Urkelville in the city of Chicago. Tood has created another 3rd world country. Neal's ghost should give Todd a good swift in the ass to be a man and do the right thing for the city.

    SP Biloxi
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    He was one of our best Political reporters, he used to be a Washington corespondant for the Chic. Tribune before doing mostly local politics for the Suntimes.
    I am sure he would be all over the Toddler.

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