Todd Stroger trying to get Tough

University of Illinois looses mascot Chief Illiniwek This battle has gone on for years, lets hope that everyone involved can find peace with it. Just please leave our South Side mascot alone!

And Commissioner Jerry Butler remember your quote earlier this week?
"They say there's going to be lots of (last-minute) floor amendments, too, so I don't know what's going to happen," said Commissioner Jerry Butler (D-Chicago). "This is going to be a crazy one."
Commissioner Butler please stop this craziness and join together with your fellow commissioners, please!
Commissioner Deborah Sims please join together with your fellow commissioners, not "The most dramatic tax proposal came from Commissioner Deborah Sims (D-Chicago), who wants to more than double the county's sales tax from 0.75 percent to 1.75 percent" And do all the unions, all the Cook County employees and residents who supported Todd Stroger regret it? Yes, a lot do because they are turning on him.

A proposal to cut administrators in order to restore Cook County clinics and other services is dead on arrival, said county board President Todd Stroger, promising Friday to veto the plan put forward this week by rival commissioners.
Todd Stroger is not compromising, instead he has renewed ATTITUDE

Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine on Friday laid off 43 prosecutors and 10 investigators in advance of expected budget cuts next week.
Cook County State's Attorney budget cuts

The cuts will be spread among every department in the office
Criminal prosecutions bureau losing 23 attorneys
Several specialized units will be closed completely, including teams that monitored public utilities and fly dumping.
No more nuisance abatement, which goes after drug houses and closes them down
None of the proposed amendments would give prosecutors a cost-of-living pay raise, something they've gone without for two years.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Unbelievable...43 prosecutors and more investigators cut. This is showing the size of his genitals. How in the world can the city of Chicago fight crime when he is cutting the profession that will fight crime. The taxpapers better get off the pot and get rid of this man. I have a feeling that more people will move out of Chicago and probably go out of state.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    All those who supported him unions etc are turning on him, there are 2 Commissioners that need to join the rest and they can overturn this. As you well know Bill Beavers and John Daley are backing Toddler all the way. Its Butler and Sims that need to join the group.

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