Todd Stroger is he for Real?

From the GAR Museum in Springfield, Illinois. GAR= Grand Army of the Republic. Not too far from where Barak Obama will making his announcement tomorrow.
So Todd is going to cut 20 low paying workers, people who need their jobs and will have a hard time getting clerical work considering the unemployment and competition for these front line positions. Commissioner Quigley is right, it was probably very hard to find people who weren't connected to someone, somehow, to eliminate.

Stroger cuts 20 jobs, but critics want more
February 9, 2007
Provident Hospital's politically connected boss has been fired, as has the Forest Preserve's finance chief.
John Fairman of Provident and the Forest Preserve's Lenny Moore are out, as are 20 other appointed Cook County employees.
Board President Todd Stroger announced the firings Thursday and said he'll eliminate those 20 jobs completely, reducing his total number of appointed positions to 480 among 26,000 county jobs.
A search is on for Fairman's replacement, while Stroger's friend, Marlo Kemp, will take over as Forest Preserve CFO.
Among the 20 jobs being eliminated, most are held by secretaries and aides.<
Commissioner Forrest Claypool said with "thousands of [unofficial] patronage jobs" in the county, the 20 are "completely insignificant." Commissioner Mike Quigley said in picking 20 jobs to cut, Stroger "took great pains not to cut anyone of political note or with family connections."

I thought this was cute! Well, actually nothing is cute about how Todd Stroger is governing Cook County. Of course, he is getting away with it!
John Williams, WGN-AM radio, to Todd Stroger, President of Cook County, Illinois’ Board of Commissioners
How many Strogers does it take to run the county?
“I know this isn’t a clever, nuanced essay about the machinations of big county government. This is just an alert. You have to stop hiring your family and friends and you have to stop grinning when you do it. It’s clear that you can get away with it, that there are no immediate consequences, that columnists calling you an “appalling lightweight with no clue” and “a failing tone-deaf whelp” and “Alfred E. Newman meets Urkel” don’t really matter. But your job does, your perception does and everyone seems to get that but you.”

Yes, I have noticed a lot more dogs up North, especially in Alderman Natarus's ward, but...this is a little insensitive and stereotyping
'Downtown, we have more dogs than people. Everybody's got to have a dog. You know why? They're lonely. The young women don't have kids yet. They're not married. So, they have a dog as a child. And some of the fellas who don't want to get married -- they want to have kids around, so they have a dog. That's a substitute." --Ald. Burt Natarus, Oct. 21, 2006 ,Burt Natarus, Alderman ward 42


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "So Todd is going to cut 20 low paying workers, people who need their jobs and will have a hard time getting clerical work considering the unemployment and competition for these front line positions"

    Man, what a shame.. Todd is the opposite for Robin Hood: steal from the poor and give himself and his buddies.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes and as you saw one of my previous posts, he gave a lot of raises to people already making 6 figures, and those raises were problably more than what some of these clerks made.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Sooner or later a rat will go back to his rat hole and get snapped by the mouse trap. That is what is going to happen with Urkelster...
    Anonymous said...
    Third generation Chicago - dead wrong as usual. let's pretend that all excess is due solely to the high paying jobs and not at all to the 25,000+ jobs that are not directly hired by the President... you're simply a joke.

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