Todd Stroger always in the News.

=",obama021107.article">Obama at Old State Capital in Springfield
New Fees in Cook County:
Approved by the finance committee:

$1.1 million from charging a handful of companies $30,000 each for access to the Cook County assessor's database on property values.

$400,000 from charging a $1 entrance fee per customer at the county's seven off-track betting parlors.

$1.2 million for doubling all fees for environmental permits regulating air pollution and waste disposal.

$1 million for charging a $500 impound fee to anyone whose car is towed by the county sheriff in connection with a drug- or prostitution-related arrest.

More than $100,000 for charging businesses in unincorporated Cook County $100 if they want to tie their but regular alarms directly to the sheriff's 911 system, plus fines for false alarms.
New Fees

Jesse Jackson Jr. & his fight for Peotone (3rd) Airport
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley -- backed by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) -- moved to protect O'Hare International Airport's monopoly when an earlier, larger incarnation of the Peotone plan threatened its claim on federal funds.
..."this year with Jackson's influence strengthened after Democrats took control of Congress, IDOT establishing a field office at the airport site, the state hiring an aeronautics director and moves made to acquire the 2,200 acres needed by eminent domain."

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    The Urkelster will stay in the news since he screwing up the city's budget and hiring buddies for high paying jobd and position.. Let me know how Obama do today. :D

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