The Todd Squad

We are getting closer to the announcement, this Saturday down in Springfield, Illinois by Barak Obama. I wonder? Does he stop for a Cozy Dog?

You can stand up with me one day and talk about me the next," Stroger complained. "The same day! -- Your consistency has been being on my side and still stabbing me in the back at the same time."
"Does the expression, 'Get over it,' mean anything to you?" retorted Quigley (D-Chicago).

I listened to both sides of this. A few years back Cook County gave the Forest Preserve District of Cook County money because it could not meet payroll. Amount of money is approximately 13 million (which is billed separately if you look at your property tax bill). Was this a loan to be re-payed back to Cook County? Or is it taking the Forest Preserve tax and allocating it wrong? Yes they are afraid of using Cook County Forest Preserve surplus for not....well the Forest Preserve, and lawsuits that may follow, due to miss-appropriations of funds.
Now Donna Dunnings, Todd Stroger's cousin was in charge of finance at the Forest Preserve before she became the Cook County Chief Financial Officer for all of Cook County. In her former position she did not do so great, lots of problems. At the meeting when Todd announced that his cousin Donna Dunnings would be the Chief Financial Officer, he said she is very qualified, and she went to Northwestern to get a degree in ah? Then Donna Dunnings said "Business management, Mr. President." Yes, Todd she is so qualified that you could not remember her qualifications, other than she got a "B" in Biology.

The Sun-Times is calling this the "Todd Squad"
Dunnings insists she's qualified. "My mother told me a long time ago that Jesus walked our Earth, and he had critics," she said.
"I just happen to be his cousin," she added. "But that is not Donna Dunnings in totality."

Quote of the day:
Stroger is "either the greatest politician in the state or the dumbest political official to ever come forward," Suffredin told his audience.
Which one is Todd?

20th Ward Alderman opponents of Arenda Troutman stepping up their efforts to defeat her


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Cozy Drive Inn? LOL! Is that a motel?

    "Stroger is 'either the greatest politician in the state or the dumbest political official to ever come forward,' Suffredin told his audience."

    More of the word: incompetent!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    No Cozy Drive in is on famous Route 66 in Springfield Illinois, real hot dogs and corn dogs, don't eat the fries they are the thin greasy ones.

    You can't turn on TV news, radio news or pick up a paper without something on Todd up here. Daley and Blagovich and any other politician should thank Todd for keeping the media so busy.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    You all in Chicago have some interesting names of businesses. LOL! Can't stand greasy fries. That would mess up my stomach. And Todd is just a mess. The more Todd messes up the more he looks bad as public figure. I say: keep up the noise on the Toddster.

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