Snow is finally melting, tonight we expect a lot more.

The Marquette Park Bridge that was in the "Blues Brothers" movie

A few days above freezing and the snow is melting away fast. Actually a few days in the mid to upper 30's. We now have a winter storm warning starting tonight, with lots of sleet, followed by snow.

During Bobbie Steele's interim at Cook County President she contracted a couple of friends, for $24,999, just under the limit of $25,000 needed for board approval. This was just found out last week. What else will turn up during her short tenure as president?

After years of vacillating about it, the Cook County Board decided to disband the Stroger Hospital police force after a quick debate.
As debate on the county budget wound down early Friday, Commissioner Roberto Maldonado (D-Chicago), a long-time critic of the agency, pushed through a budget amendment disbanding the force by September and replacing it with a contracted security firm.

Last week, police handcuffed a Sun-Times reporter, Steve Patterson, who was at the hospital covering a protest by advocates of the homeless.

Now the Illinois Supreme Court says the Ex-Convict Alderman can not run. The election is next week and ballots have already been printed up. So any votes for them will be thrown out.
Medrano and Jones not able to serve as Alderman
The Illinois Supreme Court ruled Friday that two former Chicago aldermen who are ex-cons are ineligible to run in Tuesday's city election to try to get their old jobs back.
But the head of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners said that won't keep two other former aldermen, also convicted of graft, from staying on the ballot in their wards because there were no pending court decisions challenging their candidacies as of Friday afternoon."We are telling voters in two wards that they cannot vote for a candidate because they have been convicted of a felony, and yet voters in the other wards will be able to vote for two candidates even though they have the same exact circumstances in their background," election board chairman Langdon Neal said.
The state's high court said Ambrosio Medrano and Virgil Jones should be removed from the ballot or any votes cast for them on Election Day should be disregarded.

Reverend Jesse Jackson visits Cook County Jail The Rev. Jesse Jackson visited the Cook County Jail on Friday, where he took an HIV test and encouraged inmates to do the same.
"You can help us attack a killer disease before a killer disease kills us," Jackson told the crowd of inmates, before dozens lined up to take the tests that involved rubbing a swab along the gum line above their upper teeth.
Jackson's appearance comes at a time when lawmakers across the country are pushing or considering legislation to require mandatory testing of inmates for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Several states have taken up such measures, and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is expected to introduce a bill that would require HIV testing of inmates when they enter and leave federal prison.
Yes Cook County Jail, the jail with the highest inmate population in the country has 2700 guards, and the second largest jail in the country, Rykers has a couple of thousand less inmates and about 10,000 guards. Yes, I can sympathize with Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff on all the cuts.



  1. Anonymous said...
    Good for Mr. Jackson for visiting the county jail. And good for Ms. Water to introduce a bill on HIV for inmates. Funny how a woman from CA has to straighten out Todd's mess in Chicago. Stay warm in Chicago. I forgot to visit your blog. Fitz' blog is a mess full of chatroom trolls.

    SP Biloxi
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Sometimes trolls get bored, and I am sure they are way off subject too.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good the Illnois court ruled against Ex-Con running for the Alderman. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing for Todd to do. Might as well let perverts and pediphilers run for office.

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