The Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois where Barak Obama will be making an announcement on Wednesday, February 12.

-- Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday that a building with deep historical ties to Abraham Lincoln will be the backdrop for his announcement on a run for the presidency.
The announcement will take place Feb. 10 at Illinois' Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once served as a state representative.

To Date: Todd Stroger has not made any public hearings on his budget. That is leadership Todd? Standing behind your budget and defending it?
What is he thinking? oh no he's not.
Hopefully this time this El line will be built. For a South-Sider to get to and from O'Hare airport we must go all the way downtown( the Loop), then take the Blue line North-West, instead of just going North. It's also the same problem for the North-Siders flying out of Midway, they must go all the way to the Loop and take an Orange line South-West, instead of just going south. Either way this will save at least 30 minutes to and from the airport, depending if the El's are running every few minutes or every 15, but you should have one less El train to wait for.
Extend the North Side El again, hopefully

Go Bears! OK so I am getting nervous for them, but at least they are nice and warm in Miami!


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    I hope you can make it to see Obama make his annoucement.

    About Todd? He is avoiding his duties for serving the city. His strategy to straightening out the city isn't working but hurting the people. Be a man and face up to your mistakes, Todd!

    Good luck with the team tomorrow. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I won't be able to make it downstate, because of work.

    Superbowl does not start until 5 on Sunday. Getting worried, of course the Bears were the underdogs by everyone for the Saints game and they blew them away.

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