The Municipal Election is over

The 13th Ward and Ward office have been really quiet. As a matter of fact you would never know there was an election going on. We were never mentioned on the local news, our neighborhood was not plastered with campaign signs. No signs posted with our Alderman's name all over town just these reminders in the middle of the road to remind us that our Alderman is on the committe for Traffic Control and Safety. Daley won big, really big, bigger than ever. I strongly suspect that my Ward had a really low voter turn out.

Arenda Troutman is threatening to file lawsuits with the Cook County State's Attorney, why? She lost and lost big. She had pictures of government vans, 2 actually, with bumper stickers with her opponent Willie Cochranon them. Willie Cochran who won big against her. What choice did the 20th Ward have, Willie Cochran a police SGT. for over 2 decades with a clean record, or Ms. Troutman who not only hangs with gangbangers but hangs with the leaders, the very type of people, "the people" in her Ward don't want as neighbors. Yes, Arenda Troutman is sure "the people" voted for her and wanted her in. She really needs a reality check, caught with stashes of cash, white powdery substance in unmarked plastic bags in her home and office. When the Feds came knocking at her door they had to break in because she was too busy shredding stuff. Yes the Feds found a hot shredder, as in temperture, hopefully only(warm). Arenda Troutman caught taking bribes, and did not even check which side of the street, to see if it was her Ward or not. Arenda, save your time and money for your Federal trial coming up. Ward 20 wants all the gang bangers out, you and your friends included. "The People" of your Ward have voted you out. Yes, "the people". "The People" of Ward 20. Maybe you could call "the people" of your ex-Ward citizens or residents like all the other Aldermen do.

Ward 7 is now a Jackson Ward. Yes Jesse Jr. did a lot for that far South Side when the Steel Mills shut down and it was a desolate area. I remember when my grandfather worked over there, it was busy, then it was a ghost town. It was really a sad state when all the steel mills shut down. But now there is a big Ford plant there. Yes, Jesse Jr. is still fighting for the Far South Side Airport. He really helped his wife's campaign when he stood up against Todd Stroger, which is also standing up against the Beavers. That did not help Darcel Beavers get elected, neither did her Dad calling himself the Hog with Big nuts.
Burt Natarus lost, he has been getting out of touch with his younger residents and had a few comments about them and their dogs that only helped his younger Mike Madigan supported opponent win. Yes Brendan Reilly won, supported by Illinois Speaker of the House, and father of Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General.

Daley wins big, really big, Troutman is ready to start filing lawsuits everywhereDoes corruption count against you at the polls?

Mayor Richard Daley would say "no," but Ald. Arenda Troutman (20th) would have to say "yes."

With 2,255 of 2,605 precincts reporting, Daley had 281,064 votes (71.4 percent), Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown had 76,869 (19.5 percent) and South Side activist William "Dock" Walls had 33,341 (8.5 percent).

But Troutman, who is charged by the feds with taking bribes as alderman, looked to be booted out of office without even a runoff election. With 44 of 50 precincts reporting, challenger Willie B. Cochran had 3,916 votes (61.8 percent) to Troutman's 2,023 (31.6 percent).

If it holds, Daley's victory margin would be his second-highest ever, although voter turnout looked to reach a record low. If Daley were to finish this sixth term, he would surpass his father's record as the longest-serving mayor in Chicago history.

Overall, this election saw greater challenges for incumbents than in previous years. In any race where no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two vote-getters go to a runoff election April 17.

In 2003, only five races went to a runoff. This year, it seems likely 11 races will do so, including an open seat in the 15th Ward where Ald. Ted Thomas is retiring.

Burt Natarus, one of the council's longest-serving aldermen, was defeated outright in the Gold Coast's 42nd Ward by his sole challenger, Brendan Reilly, a former aide to powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. With 53 of 69 precincts reporting, Reilly, who also enjoyed union support, had 5,201 votes (54.2 percent) compared with 4,388 (45.7 percent) for Natarus.

In one of the most high-profile ward races, Ald. Darcel Beavers, appointed in November to replace her father, William Beavers, lost badly to Sandi Jackson, wife of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-2nd). With 55 of 65 precincts reporting, Jackson had 5,904 votes (57.4 percent) compared with 3,328 (32.4 percent) for Beavers.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Looks like Daley is the winner so far with 71%?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    He absolutely blew the other two away.
    At least Arenda Troutman did not beat out a more than 2 decade police SGT with a clean record.
    And Darcel Beavers was blown away by Sandi Jackson, looks like people have it with the Beavers, now to get the other one out.

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