Thank Todd for so much attention

Mayor Daley and Governor Blagojevich should thank the Chicago Bears and Todd Stroger for making so much news that it is keeping the citizens and reporters too busy to dig into what they are doing.

Even though one-third of all STD's in Cook County were caught when imprisoning perpertrators, now that number will go up. It will go up because there will be more untreated cases and it will spread more. Eventually this will lead to more expensive Health care for more people with STD's in Cook County.
No more STD testing at Cook County Jail

And not, that the Cook County Juvenile Detention center has less problems.
At least the US Attorney's office is looking into this one. Keep in mind they are referring to John Stroger not the Toddler, yet, on these very questionable activities concerning the Juvenile Detention Center.
The staffers accused of physically abusing youth and raiding the tax and grant dollars that flowed into the center "are patronage hires, political backers, relatives and constituents of Stroger and remain employed at the [center] for that reason and despite lacking the qualifications for their jobs," the lawsuit stated. "Incompetence or a criminal background is no obstacle to a job at the [center]."

Mary Mitchell, Political commentator comments on the Cook County Budget.
Mary of the Sun times


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Cook County will end the practice of testing every young man at the county jail for sexual diseases, saving about $800,000 a year -- plus the cost of defending itself against lawsuits from those who object to the procedure."

    Unbelievable... They wat to save money and one of those men could be carriers of STD that can affect thousands of others. The Toddster just created a death sentence for every prisoner and worker in the county jails. Amazing the ignorance of Toddster. The nimrod doesn't realize but cutting off testing of STD to prisoners means that there could be carriers of that disease outside of the county jail! Uh duh?

    And what building pic is that?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Nativity Catholic Church, Lithuanian Church, no not mine. Just East of Marqquette Park.

    Yes more people will be in need of treatment and most likely in a more advance stage. yes one third of the cases were caught this way.

    Now we have groups saying it will cost more to house prisoners longer w/ less public defender etc. Something I blogged when the budget first came out.

    Yes Todd can cut expenses on the front end only to have them on the back end cost more.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Yes more people will be in need of treatment and most likely in a more advance stage. yes one third of the cases were caught this way."

    Very disturbing. Seriously...

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