Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln's Bed in his Springfield home, Lincoln's Tomb, Lincoln's desk in his law office, and Lincoln in Plastic at the Lincoln Museum


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Amazing.. Lincoln's bed. It is too bad that the media will not give maybe some statement from Lincoln. Many leaders today including the Gerbil should read the book: Lincoln on Leadership because some of the leadership (I mean the ones that call themselves leaders) suck!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    There are a lot of Republicans, e.g. Rove down in Springfield today because of the famous Republican's birthday. Is the book on Lincoln harder than Pet Goat?
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Is the book on Lincoln harder than Pet Goat?"

    LOL! You have to ask the Gerbil on that since he hasn't finished My Pet Goat. Rove is there for a photo-ops and spread the GOP koolaid love. Glad you are not there to gag or barf...
    GEEZERPOWER said...
    Nice pics of the old court house. I especially like Lincolns desk. The old rat trap on the lower left of the desk is a nice touch, but proably wuldn't have been inside the court

    Baraak Obama caught my ear when he spoke during the Democratic convention. I was thinking about what a great leader he would be in these troubled times, and still think so. He speaks truth and reflects wisdom from beyond his years, more like the medicine man than the chief. I'm sure that Bush and Co. will accuse him of having no plan, and hopefully that is correct. The Neoconservative plan that has allways been in place for Dubya, was never his plan, but was the agenda of a crazy bunch of Ideologues that to this very day are pursuing total control of the Middle East.

    I don't think that a plan is needed, but a cabinet of peers and comprehensive advisors to work along with him. A new leader with new ideas that has the ability to communicate on a worldwide basis could help restore our global image and give this great country a chance to once more show good example and exemplify diplomacy instead of corrupt power.

    Downside: He inhaled, and still smokes cigarettes, which could show an addictive personality. I have no problem with either one, as I inhaled many times, I did quit smoking though, and would recomend the same for Obama so that he might be a leader for many years.

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