Something funny going on in CC elections?

Yes this is a story that is not going to go away. More to come in 2007!

10. Who's your daddy, Todd?
The Cook County board president race featured a pitched primary battle between reform candidate Forrest Claypool and entrenched old-school incumbent John Stroger.

Stroger suffered a stroke. The severity of his incapacitation was kept from voters. Stroger won. Maneuvers to replace him on the ballot for the general election resulted in his son Todd becoming the candidate.

On election night, after a hard-fought contest in which Cook County's reform-minded newspapers endorsed Republican Tony Peraica, emotions boiled over. Peraica and his backers stormed the county offices demanding security for late-arriving ballot boxes.

Peraica hinted the election was stolen.

In the end, Todd Stroger took office. And his handlers have roped off a special elevator for the young president so he doesn't have to mingle with people when he's in the county building.

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    That headline of Todd Urkel should read: Todd Urkel Pimps his Way to Securing a City Position or Chi-Town Turns into Urkelville.

    I hope this year bring the downfall of this corrupted douchebag to justice..
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Hey Chicago Native:

    I wanted to see what Bill Beavis looks like. I googled his name. Yes, I came up with a pet name for Beavers: from Beavis and Butthead.. It is shame that Todd Urkel (or Todd Stroller), Bobbie Steal, and Bill Beavis have to be sellouts..
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Cute names. Bill Beavers has a very put together look. He must have custom suits made for him. He is arrogant as you can be, (sorry he says people mistake his confidence for arrogance)whatever....he is not going anywhere, anytime soon he has too much caniving to do yet, it's his job as Democratic Chairman to be everywhere and involved in everything!
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "He must have custom suits made for him."

    Well, when you steal from the public and run down your own city for personal gain, that is why the city is turning Urkelville and Beaversville with corrupted officials like that.. And I am sure that the custom suits by Bill the pill is certainly paid from the taxpayer's expense....

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