Does Todd want to get re-elected

What a difference a day makes in Chicago, one day it's sunny and cold, the next day, today it's yuck and really cold.

It is really cold in the Windy City, below freezing. But we still have doctors and nurses outside hospitals protesting Todd Stroger's budget.

"The lack of detail worries doctors, Jolepalem said.
"We're still waiting to get the final report," he said. "One of the (proposals) given to us is they will be cutting long-term care. Right now, we have 160 beds. They want to cut it in half. ... Right now, all of those beds are full."
Jolepalem said Stroger should consider reducing administrative jobs before laying off doctors and nurses. Nurse Usha Patel said the county should improve the "work ethic" of some of its employees.
Patel earned the ire of county leaders in years past for being the county employee with the most overtime pay. She made $187,500 in overtime in 2004, according to news reports, on top of her $97,000 salary.
"Look at the absenteeism, that's not being looked at," Patel said Wednesday. "People need to come to work when they're supposed to come to work. That will get rid of the overtime."

Todd are you worried you are loosing voters each and every day?

Now here is a really sad story involving a Cook County Correctional Officer.
Everyone with a weapon needs to review safety procedures

Go Bears! And please keep warm, you have a big game Sunday.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Wow, that is a sad story about the grandmother, correction officer, whose grandson killed himself accidentally. There certain need to be stiff safety measures put in place for adults in the home and in a car.

    And what does Todd have to say about that?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    No word from Todd. He has way too much to answer to now. I expect a lot more protesters. He has public hearings, committee meetings etc. to attend. And if he is doing such a big change from previous administrations, i.e. his FATHER, what does that say about how Daddy Stroger was doing things? Sears Tower is in the sunny picture. We are freezing here in the Windy City.brrrrrrrr.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "We are freezing here in the Windy City.brrrrrrrr."

    And so is my area too...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes and we will all pay more for fruit and vegetables soon because of the cold in your area. I wonder if we will have more trucks ripped off containing vegetables, or fruit next? Truckloads of broccoli and asparagus are not safe in this part of the country.

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