CC Sheriff's department no slowing down

"Undercover Cook County sheriff's police seized $4 million worth of cocaine and $275,000 cash and arrested three men believed to be trafficking drugs to the East Coast in Bedford Park on Thursday"
And Todd wants the Cook County Sheriff to cut?

And what else does Todd have to grin about?

"The news has dismayed advocates for women prisoners, who point out that the number of women incarcerated at Cook County Jail has skyrocketed from 8,557 in 1991 to 13,551 last year."
"The women credit their transformation to the compassion and support offered through the Cook County Sheriff's Department of Women's Justice Services. The department, founded in 1999, provides services ranging from addiction treatment and pre-natal care, to a furlough program that lets women spend nights with their families and receive counseling during the day."
Making it harder for Women who get incarcerated to get back on track

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Someone should wipe the smirk off of Urkel's face with his ridiculous budget.. With cuts to programs, hospitals, prisons, and so on, Toddster is digging a deeper hole in the city of Chicago.

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