Tank Johnson's Problems

Tuesday, January 23rd will be a busy day
First we have to wait and see if Tank Johnson, our Bear's Tackle will be allowed out of state to go to Miami for the Superbowl.
Second, Todd Stroger will reveal his mystery cuts that were specified as other on his budget.

Let him go Judge Moran, he is a football player and we have politicians running for office and holding office in this town that have a lot more offenses.
That's because Johnson has yet to find out, should the Bears defeat the Saints in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, whether a Cook County judge will allow him to travel to Miami for the Super Bowl.
"I don't know if I can go," Johnson said. "I'm not even sure."
That decision likely will be made on Tuesday, when Johnson is next scheduled to appear in the courtroom of Cook County Judge John J. Moran Jr. Last month, Moran ordered that Johnson be allowed to leave his home only for practice, games and other Bears-related activities. Special permission would be required to travel out of state, including for the Super Bowl.

And Barak Obama endorses Mayor Daley. If you listen to the news in Chicago they are saying it's because Bill Daley, the Mayor's brother will be Obama's Political Stratigist. Obama Endorsement

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