Arenda Troutman gansta Alderman Arrested

Troutman shows a lot of class on page 24 #53 20Th Ward Alderman Troutman Arrested "Troutman has served as alderman of the 20th Ward on the South Side since 1990. Mayor Daley appointed her after the death of Alderman Ernest Jones.

One Quote from Troutman:
"Well the thing is, most aldermen, most politicians are ho's," Troutman allegedly said. At another point, court documents indicate, she boldly asked of a potential developer, "What do I get out of it?" If you really want to hear her foul mouth you can read the above documentation of more of her elequant language which I will not pollute my blog with.

Yesterday Alderman Troutman posted her 10K bond, for being caught taking cash bribes for building permits and other Real Estate transactions. I wonder if the 6 candidates opposing her for Alderman in the 20Th Ward are happy!

You want the alderman's support, you pay the alderman, you pay Arenda Troutman," said First Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Shapiro in a press conference Monday. "When the cooperating witness offered her $25,000 dollars, she counter offered, again another negotiation, asking for a residential unit with commercial space."

Todd's World

In order to make the 17% cut requested by Todd, Health Care Clinics will have to shut down

People can still vote more than once in Cook County/Chicago, and with 17% staff cut in David Orr's office this could happen more often

Cook County Doctor's fluffed up enough with Todd to start a Union

"For doctors and nurses on the front lines, this prospect is ominous.
"This is not a factory. Things don't come off a line. These are human beings," said Cook County nurse Regina Ellis.
"What we are going to have is a lot of patients that are not well-taken cared for by confused, angry, exhausted personnel," said Cook County doctor Jody Ashenhurst, M.D.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Wow! That is unbelievable about the cuts of health care.. Todd is certainly messing up his city..And he says that he is going to balance the budget? Good luck. The hurting thing is that children without health care. That is whom Todd is hurtin the most.

    SP Biloxi
    Anonymous said...
    And Troutman arrested from taking bribes. That is Todd's world. More and more Todd and his corruption are being exposed more everyday there..

    SP Biloxi
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Alderman Troutman was an Alderman with Todd and Bill Beavers.

    Alderman Troutman has been brought in before because she has been keeping company with some Disiple Gang Members.

    Alderman Troutman's father was a precint captain in Ward 20 and he was put their by the current Mayor Daley.

    Bill Beavers took Troutman under his wing when she first became Alderman in the City.

    Troutman also has a family member who was involved in the hired truck scandal, and she has a sister and mother in current city jobs.

    Do you think there are too many relationships going in the City and County?

    .....On Todd Urkel
    He should know better than to cut jobs in Healthcare and Law Enforcement. This are necessary to maintain health and order for the citizens.

    He needs to cut all the big paying exempt, or rather do nothing for a big paycheck jobs, but that might be cutting all his connections etc. off payroll.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Do you think there are too many relationships going in the City and County?"

    All road lead back to Todd Urkel and Daddypoo..

    BTW, I couldn't log on to the Blogger all day. So, I posted as Anon. Bloggers sucks big time..

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