Bill Beaves speaks for the Toddler

Todd Stroger was unable to make the public hearing on his budget but........William Beavers......was there as Todd's Mouthpiece. And now a quote from none other"Cook County Commissioner William Beavers bragged he was "the hog with the big nuts" before using his influence to demote a Cook County Jail superintendent, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court." Never a dull moment with our Politicians. There have been reporters who have left this city, and had to come back, no where else is there such colorful news and no shortage of it, ever. Also this is very fertile ground for political corruption. And more words of wisdom spoken by Bill Beavers: " Beavers allegedly said, "All of you short mother------s are just alike"

"Commissioner William Beavers (D-Chicago), Stroger's floor leader, said the budget included such drastic cuts only to force other county officials into trimming waste they've refused to trim in the past."
Public Hearing, No Toddster but Bill Beavers** Bill Beavers self claimed hog with big nuts** Sun-Times article called "The Todd Couple", picture included, priceless

Just my thoughts on my observations of the last Cook County Board meeting, run by Todd Stroger, and the Forest Preserve meeting chaired by Commissioner Quigley: Todd just giggled and smirked throughout the whole entire board meeting, he needs to get to know Commissioner Silvestri better, when he could remember his name he mis-pronounced it. Commissioner Peter Silvestri remarked that he was amazed at how many people watched Cook County Board meetings. Well Pete, it is the best reality TV on, no doubt. Here's a thought sell the County meetings for a network TV reality program and have plenty of money for the budget.
Commissioner Schneider stopped the meeting when he wanted clarification on the 25 million dollars in workman's compensation some examples of someone falling off a lawnmower, slipping off a truck, etc., when Commissioner John Daley stopped him and said these have all been gone over and approved.
At the Cook County Forest preserve meeting Chaired by Commissioner Quigley all Todd and his Chief of Staff, Lance Tyson did was giggle and talk and show each other pictures off their cell phones. Yes, Todd that really shows us you and your buddy have really grown into this job, especially when contracts $282,000 higher than the lowest bidder are approved due to the clause they must have at least 50% Cook County residents employed by the contractor. If you stick with this there should be a rebid for all eligible contractors, didn't someone say there should not be more than a 10% difference between the lowest and accepted contract? Oh, yes Commissioner Peter Silvestri, on the ball as usual. And John Daley never missing an opportunity to get new voters commented to Father Joe Grbes from St. Jerome's who gave the opening prayer for the meeting and just became a citizen, was reminded to register to vote, by Daley.
And a final note, Commissioner Robert Steele, anointed the post by Mom, Bobbie Steele is still a potted plant on the board.


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    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    LOL! Love the pic! Todd Urkel will grow in his job. on a serious note, the city of Chicago don't have time for the nimrod Urkel to grow up! Urkel should be a man for god sakes!

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