Todd Stroger is also a Male Chauvinist

Todd Stroger is also a Male Chauvinist. Here is the proof:

Summing up Todd's new budget:

Public health:

*16 of 26 clinics closed, including those in Phoenix and Ford Heights and all school clinics. All School Clinics? Cut out clinics for children?
*All ob/gyn and pediatric services cut at Provident Hospital. Cut out Women and Children's services!
*All occupational medicine, dentistry, plastic surgery and family practice services cut at Stroger Hospital. All eliminated, unbelievable, no occupational medicine means no occupational therapy for stroke, accident victims, etc. to learn how to dress, bathe, and do other daily living tasks again. Plastic surgery? You can remain disfigured after an accident, trauma, or burn. Dentistry? Have your teeth rot out.
*Maintenance and laundry services privatized at Oak Forest Hospital.
*$62 million in cuts still undecided. Undecided? When and what will be decided? What other services for Women and Children are you looking at?

Law enforcement:

*59 assistant state’s attorney’s cut, plus $1.3 million in cuts still undecided.
*48 assistant public defenders cut. As if Cook County jail is not overcrowded enough without cutting these 59 + 48 lawyers.
*Sheriff’s programs for women inmates and community prevention eliminated.Pre-woman's movement action here, yes eliminate, not cut down. There seems to be a theme going here Toddler, about Women and Children not being important. Why not try to eliminate all the Women on the Cook County Board? Well Todd you are also a male chauvinist as well as a Nincompoop.
*250 new jail guards hired as required by court, but $27 million in cuts to be decided.

I have to think about bears in orange to keep me from getting my blood pressure up.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Summing up Todd's new budget + Todd Urkel=Disaster fot the City of Chicago.

    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I just can't believe this budget. He needs to cut the fat at the top and quit hiring family and friends at high paying jobs.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Urkel is really delusional with that budget... And I do agree that he needs to dump the hiring family members, take a huge pay cut from his salary, take the damn elevator like everyone, sell that Jaguar for a Ford, replace the rolex for a Timex, and quit getting Starbucks coffee and switch to 7/11!

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