Toddler's budget cuts

Pictured today is Revered & State Senator James Meeks, and Dorothy Brown, candidate for Mayor and current Clerk of Cook County.

The Reverend James Meeks is working well with Mayor Daley Dorothy maybe stop interrupting people when they talk, you do this all the time, get some manners please! You are coming off as rude, arrogant and brass. I predict Bill "Doc" Walls will get more votes than you, so start crying about that. Bill Walls comes across as more in control, more intelligent, less emotional, well mannered, more informed, and give up Dorothy, you are none of those. The Revered Meeks is not supporting Dorothy Brown for Mayor

Bill "Doc" Walls

Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool bashed the appointment of a well-connected woman to a lucrative county position. "Commissioner William Beavers, a strong Stroger loyalist, criticized Claypool's comments."

Moore on Thursday became the first countywide elected official to say he would comply with board President Todd Stroger's request for a 17 percent cut. The actual cuts amount to 14 percent, offset by a planned boost in revenue Are you happy now Todd someone can comply, even if it is the Recorder of Deeds?


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "This is the year," Daley said at Prosser Career Academy, a public high school on the city's near northwest side. "We don't need a new study. I don't need somebody telling me all about education. Basically, we need funding. You need money. It's as simple as that."

    I like the way Mayor Daley is on the soap box about education when corrupted officials such as Todd Urkel, Boobie Steal, and a Bill Beavis are stealing left from right from the city and denying children a good education and a future.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I went through the whole Chicago Public School system and it was a mess. He took over in 1995 after I was out. That is one of the best things he did. And you know if you could afford to send your kids to parochial schools you did. None of the elected officials kids were in public schools. The percentage of kids when I graduated from High School in the 80's that went on to College was like 15% citywide, and it was lower on the South Side. If that gives you any idea.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "None of the elected officials kids were in public schools."

    It is easy for Daley to say that they need money for public school when corrupted officials are stealing. I went to a public school where my school was ranked bottom from all the school in education. And I graduated in a class of 110 students. We were so small that the school added the night school student to graduate with us. We had less people graduated. And many of the people that graduated didn't go to college.. So, it is a shame that young people are losing out on the American dream.
    Laraine said...
    Good for people to know.

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