Stealing Christmas

How many more incidents will occur at Cook County Jail, already operating past capacity if they comply with 17% cuts?
Two Cook County Jail Guards injured, Should we really be cutting 17% of staff here?
How can Tom Dart cut more he just made 100 drug related arrests on an already stressed Cook County Law Enforcement Staff?

"Dart will discuss details of the sweep at a news conference today. He plans to show video of some of the drug deals as they were recorded by officers.
Daly, like other countywide elected officials, is wrangling with Cook County Board President Todd Stroger over budget cuts for 2007. Although Dart has been more willing than other officials to discuss cuts, he has said Stroger's proposed 17 percent cut goes too far and will endanger sheriff's police operations in the suburbs."
Sally Daly is Tom Dart's Spokesperson.
And we have people steeling truckloads, 50K worth of Asparagus in Cook County?
Criminals after vegetables Also in Cook County right before Christmas we had a couple following UPS, FedX trucks etc. taking packages off of peoples porches. Cook County Criminals do not rest, why does Todd want to cut 17% here? A Truck load of Asparagus? What is next? And there will be a next.

Possible abuse in Cook County hiring? How is this a surprise? And at the exempt level, shocked! NOT!!!!
“This practice allows the county to hire and rehire using the same exempt positions,” Nowicki wrote to Andersen. She did not identify the agency, saying only the situation shows the system has loopholes"

Better Government Association will not leave Governor Blagojevich alone


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Welcome to Urkelville: the city of sin and the sinful. Asparagus stealing, Cook county abuse hiring, and Cook county jail job cuts, and so on.. Wow, Todd, you must be doing a heckava job! You are letting your own city go to pot!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And we need to cut 17% in the Sheriff's office instead of increasing 17%?

    PS Don't buy any hot vegetables!
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "PS Don't buy any hot vegetables!"

    If criminals are stealing asparagus and asparagus is very expensice in my area, all the vegetables in the grocery store will sky rocket..I don't know if Todd knows that 2+2=4 but his leadership and way of thing sucks and will tank him this year. As you pointed out: an increase of the sheriff's office not a decrease. Todd is an ass!

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