Why are Neurologist sneaking around like criminals?

Forrest Claypool and John Stroger compete in the Democratic Primary 2006 for Cook County Board President.

Forrest Claypool should have grown some ba........backbone while John Stroger was in the hospital and he could be doing something about what he is talking about now Come on Forrest this was no time to be nice, you knew a 77 year old with diabetes, with previous heart problems was not going to bounce back. Your first clue should have been when the doctors did not know anything at the press conference, and they were sneaking in and out the alley using service elevators, to get into Rush Hospital where they are Neurologists, Cardiologist etc. Yes Neurologists, Physicians, and the like sneaking around like criminals?! No Forrest you should have stuck to your campaigning and not toned things down one bit. If anything happened to you would they have played nice?

Per Forrest Claypool "Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago), who ran for the president seat in last year's Democratic primary, said the president instead should make tough decisions, cut some departments more than others and focus on high-paid employees at the top."

Yes Forrest anyone who works for, has ever worked for the County/City or knows someone who has/does, knows the fat is at the top and the workers who work and get paid the least are at the bottom.

Is he crying yet? But your special Todd, and you should have your own elevator, those bullies should give it back! Maybe Bill Beavers and John Daley could beat them up for you!

"Almost as quickly as it was reserved for the Cook County Board president, an elevator in the County Building now is back in public service."


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Oh cry me a river for Todd.. Boo frickin hoo! He lost bid for his own personal elevator.. Boo frickin hoo.. Let his ass take the stairs or the normal elevator like everyone else. Todd Urkel thinks that he is the king of the frickin Cook county. Pass the weenies...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    ugh um, ya, but I'm sure John Daley or Bill Beavers will get those bullies back for him. I know he went crying to them and they let him know that he is still so special.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "I know he went crying to them and they let him know that he is still so special."

    Yeah, like a crying baby that needs a diaper change.. Is he that much of a snotty nose wimp, Chicago Native?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes. Bill Beavers and John Daley do all the talking for him to all the people who don't want to play nice with him. And even Mayor Richard Daley does some wrist slapping to people not playing nice with Toddler.

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