Go Bears Staley

Chicago Bears Mascot Staley Rumor has it Staley can't take his assistant with him to the Superbowl to help him get around.

Prosecutors might be forced to cut plea deals with criminals, and felony trials will slow to a crawl if proposed cuts go through Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine warned Friday.
To a room packed with prosecutors and sympathetic county commissioners, Devine testified in a budget hearing that he could not forge a compromise with board President Todd Stroger's budget team and needs at least another $6 million to run his office.
"We are in a process of cuts that, I believe, jeopardize public safety," Devine said. "Unless we have a fair and effective justice system, we can't say we have a community."
Several commissioners said they wanted to work with Devine to put some money back into his budget.

Cook County State's Attorney Devine rallies with all his prosecutors

And there are laws that need to be fixed in this state:
"Conflicting provisions in Illinois law say felons cannot run for local office but they can run for state offices such as governor.

The law says a felon "can run for governor, can be governor, can unlock the doors to all the prisoners . . . wield a phenomenal amount of power [but cannot] run for alderman," Judge Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse said.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Cuts, Cuts, Cuts... Todd X is hosed..
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    This is going to be a mess. We have a lot going on right now with the end of the Cook County Budget and elections at the end of Feb. And I don't think our news will slow down much after that.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    At this rate, there is no hope for Urkel. He dug a mighty big financial hole in Chicago with a long road to recovery.

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