Go Bears Go

Bears Win! 27-24 in Overtime.

Chicago will host the Saints next Sunday in the NFC championship game; New Orleans never has been this far.
The Bears haven't reached the Super Bowl since beating the Patriots in the 1985 season.

Another day another corrupted Alderman in the news:

Alderman Shirley Coleman, 16th Ward
"She is being sued for allegedly being involved in a scam that cheated California investors out of more than $500,000 -- a claim she heatedly denies.
Coleman was held in default last week in the racketeering lawsuit since, so far, her attorneys have failed to respond to it."and more excuses ....."Coleman and her supporters contend the process server threw the document on a desk and didn't even identify himself. She said it was an oversight that she didn't note the date by which she had to respond to the lawsuit, which was filed in September."

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good luck with the Bears this Sunday! And I hope Fitz comes back to Chicago to fight the evildoers in the city.

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