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At least while it is freezing cold with snow flurries in Chicago, our Chicago Bears are nice and warm in Miami

Today Daley Plaza will be filled with protesters on Todd Stroger and his budget.
"Hour after hour in meetings last week, Cook County officials described the pains of seeing nurses, prosecutors and police slashed from the county budget and wondered how employees will pay the bills while being asked to work a month without a paycheck.
As they talked, taxpayers paid more than $50 an hour to a top aide to board President Todd Stroger -- Chinta Strausberg -- who simply took notes.
"It's one example of thousands in this government where highly paid people are in do-nothing positions, pushing paper all day," Commissioner Forrest Claypool said. "These political jobs are being protected, while we're being asked to fire people who put criminals behind bars, who treat the sick and elderly. It's the worst form of government."

Keep a 50 dollar an hour note taker for Todd?
A budget watchdog group is cautiously backing Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's county budget plan and its call to whack thousands of jobs from the payroll.

As the Alderman's race heats up, more controversy and more questionable legal actives to the courts.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good for the protestor. Someone needs to talk Urkel down a peg. His budget makes no sense..

    Stay warm there.. Brrr...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And Urkel keeps grinning and his Chief handler Lance Tyson is as obnoxious as obnoxious can be. Well birds of a feather, but Urkel grins like the Chimp all the time.

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