Arenda Troutman claims innocence

Another day another group protesting Todd Stroger's Budget.
Hospital Protesters
Would someone wipe that grin off of Todd Stroger's face Please!

And now a work from Virgil Jones, convicted ex-alderman running for the 15th Ward.
"“When I was six years old someone stole the cookies out of the jar,” Jones told them. “My mother told me to go stand in the corner. For an hour I did, and then she said I could come out. When I was 41 someone who knew about this came up to me and said, ‘Go stand in the corner some more.’ The question becomes, when does the punishment end? I have completed my sentence, so I am entitled to all my rights I had before I was convicted.” And that is why he is running for Alderman again
"Federal prosecutors recently charged 20th Ward Ald. Arenda Troutman with bribery. That's an unpleasant reminder that the feds still are finding fertile territory at City Hall. In a city tarred by scandal after scandal, this message can't be sent too often or too strongly: For those who betray the public trust, there's no revolving door between the penitentiary and the floor of the Chicago City Council." excerpts from the Chicago Tribune.

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Protest? Todd X is hosed in the city of Chicago.

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