Patronage hires at Cook County?

Wake up and smell the coffee Todd, you are gettting a lot people up in Cook County good and fluffed up. Cook County Commissioner's will not cut until Todd Stroger makes cuts in his office first. Commissioner Earlean Collins came up with this one. A quote from Earlean "In a budget hearing Tuesday, Commissioner Earlean Collins challenged Stroger to "lead by example" and eliminate patronage jobs she says still line the budget. "Until I see a level playing field ... I'm not cutting one dime," she said. "This is not a child's game here." Nice job Earlean! Challenge Todd as frequently and as often as you like!

A partial list of Todd's patronage hires.
• Bruce Washington (primary campaign manager for Todd's dad) -- director of capital planning policy -- $133,424.
• David Fagus (49th Ward Democratic committeeman) -- was earning $87,479 as executive assistant at Cermak Hospital, now the COO earning $113,703.
• Matt Deleon (pal of the finally fired Gerald Nichols, unofficial county patronage chief whose records were raided by the FBI) -- jumped from $87,478 as an administrative analyst to $141,725 as secretary to the Board of Commissioners).
• Cedric Giles (son of a convicted alderman, relative of a former state rep) -- from a $62,052 accountant to fill a two-year vacancy in the comptroller's office, an arguably non-essential job, with a huge pay boost to $103,187.
• Donna Dunnings (John Stroger's niece, Todd's cousin) -- remains budget director at a salary of $142,820.
• Carmen Triche Colvin (wife of Todd's best friend, state Rep. Marlo Colvin) -- promoted from the Forest Preserve to County Purchasing Agent. Former salary, $95,000. New salary, $126,670.
• Monique Martin (Todd's sister-in-law) -- becomes his personal secretary at $64,983.
• Mark Kilgallon (19th Ward clout) jumped from $141,725 to $159,815, now working as chief administrative officer.
• Kim Gilmore (close pal of Todd's) -- promoted in human resources from a $112,670 to $141,725.
• Derek Blaida (former Daley aide) --new head of intergovernmental affairs making $130,019.
• Dwight Welch (mayor of Country Club Hills who recently got a pay raise as mayor) -- also works for Stroger cousin Donna Dunnings in the Budget Office. Salary $104,030.
• Frank Zuccarelli (Thornton Township Democratic committeeman) -- works for recorder of deeds, makes $82,105.
• Marlo Kemp (former assistant to John Stroger) -- now deputy CFO from $90,228 to $127,423.

Let's see if Todd can do what he is asking everyone else to do
**Cook County Healthcare Budget issues

Cook County Sheriff's Department, another day another drug bust. How can they cut staff here?

Bill Beaves speaks for the Toddler

Todd Stroger was unable to make the public hearing on his budget but........William Beavers......was there as Todd's Mouthpiece. And now a quote from none other"Cook County Commissioner William Beavers bragged he was "the hog with the big nuts" before using his influence to demote a Cook County Jail superintendent, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court." Never a dull moment with our Politicians. There have been reporters who have left this city, and had to come back, no where else is there such colorful news and no shortage of it, ever. Also this is very fertile ground for political corruption. And more words of wisdom spoken by Bill Beavers: " Beavers allegedly said, "All of you short mother------s are just alike"

"Commissioner William Beavers (D-Chicago), Stroger's floor leader, said the budget included such drastic cuts only to force other county officials into trimming waste they've refused to trim in the past."
Public Hearing, No Toddster but Bill Beavers** Bill Beavers self claimed hog with big nuts** Sun-Times article called "The Todd Couple", picture included, priceless

Just my thoughts on my observations of the last Cook County Board meeting, run by Todd Stroger, and the Forest Preserve meeting chaired by Commissioner Quigley: Todd just giggled and smirked throughout the whole entire board meeting, he needs to get to know Commissioner Silvestri better, when he could remember his name he mis-pronounced it. Commissioner Peter Silvestri remarked that he was amazed at how many people watched Cook County Board meetings. Well Pete, it is the best reality TV on, no doubt. Here's a thought sell the County meetings for a network TV reality program and have plenty of money for the budget.
Commissioner Schneider stopped the meeting when he wanted clarification on the 25 million dollars in workman's compensation some examples of someone falling off a lawnmower, slipping off a truck, etc., when Commissioner John Daley stopped him and said these have all been gone over and approved.
At the Cook County Forest preserve meeting Chaired by Commissioner Quigley all Todd and his Chief of Staff, Lance Tyson did was giggle and talk and show each other pictures off their cell phones. Yes, Todd that really shows us you and your buddy have really grown into this job, especially when contracts $282,000 higher than the lowest bidder are approved due to the clause they must have at least 50% Cook County residents employed by the contractor. If you stick with this there should be a rebid for all eligible contractors, didn't someone say there should not be more than a 10% difference between the lowest and accepted contract? Oh, yes Commissioner Peter Silvestri, on the ball as usual. And John Daley never missing an opportunity to get new voters commented to Father Joe Grbes from St. Jerome's who gave the opening prayer for the meeting and just became a citizen, was reminded to register to vote, by Daley.
And a final note, Commissioner Robert Steele, anointed the post by Mom, Bobbie Steele is still a potted plant on the board.

Alderman races heat up

Todd did not show up to meet with all his voters in Cook County today. What engagement was more important Todd? Cook County voters want to know.
Stroger did not attend Monday's public hearing due to other engagements. People CBS 2 talked to were not happy with that.

If it is a legal substance, why not just leave it in the original container? Arenda Troutman keep on talking.
Colon cleanser? In an unmarked plastic bag? White powder mix?

And now we are down to Nine unopposed Alderman.Yes Victor Rowans had many forgeries on his petition for Alderman
"As a result of the Board's order, 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett became the ninth incumbent alderman who will run unopposed in the Municipal General Election (the other incumbent alderman who will run unopposed are 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores, 13th Ward Alderman Frank Olivo, 29th Ward Alderman Isaac Carothers, 33rd Ward Alderman Richard Mell, 38th Ward Alderman Tom Allen, 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney, and 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith"

cc Budget

At least while it is freezing cold with snow flurries in Chicago, our Chicago Bears are nice and warm in Miami

Today Daley Plaza will be filled with protesters on Todd Stroger and his budget.
"Hour after hour in meetings last week, Cook County officials described the pains of seeing nurses, prosecutors and police slashed from the county budget and wondered how employees will pay the bills while being asked to work a month without a paycheck.
As they talked, taxpayers paid more than $50 an hour to a top aide to board President Todd Stroger -- Chinta Strausberg -- who simply took notes.
"It's one example of thousands in this government where highly paid people are in do-nothing positions, pushing paper all day," Commissioner Forrest Claypool said. "These political jobs are being protected, while we're being asked to fire people who put criminals behind bars, who treat the sick and elderly. It's the worst form of government."

Keep a 50 dollar an hour note taker for Todd?
A budget watchdog group is cautiously backing Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's county budget plan and its call to whack thousands of jobs from the payroll.

As the Alderman's race heats up, more controversy and more questionable legal actives to the courts.

Go Bears Go

The Bears left for Miami today! One week away from Superbowl!

I just can't believe these cut? 10K average prisoners a day a Cook County Jail, Tom Dart, Sheriff of Cook County has taken the brunt of Todd's cuts. And there are some departments that have 1 supervisor for every 3 or 4 employees. What is wrong with cutting here? Cook County law enforcement busts a truck with 14 million dollars worth of Marijuana What will happen when the Cook County Sheriff's department has to cut officers? These kinds of major busts are frequent and often. Yes we will hear less busts, because they will not be happening with less officers.

Health cuts at county jail ripped
Stroger budget ax would slice medical services, dump top doctors
By Judith Graham
Tribune staff reporter
Published January 28, 2007

For decades, Cook County Jail has run one of the most effective, scandal-free medical programs for inmates in the nation.
Now, proposed budget cuts threaten to decimate those services, watchdogs say, warning of potentially dire consequences.
Already, a nationally recognized program at the jail that screens inmates for sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia has ended because of funding shortfalls.
Cuts would go much deeper under the county's amended budget, released last week. Altogether, funding for medical services at the jail would shrink 25 percentunder the plan suggested by County Board President Todd Stroger.
The budget calls for the jail's top four physicians to lose their jobs, eviscerating the medical leadership.
In addition, tuberculosis screening, infection control, mental health services and dental care all would be scaled back under the plan.
That has spurred the threat of legal challenges by prison advocates.
"We expect we will be in court very soon" if the county follows through, said Charles Fasano, director of the prisons and jails program at the John Howard Association of Illinois.
Inmates have a constitutional right to adequate medical care under the law, and "the jail will become a dangerous environment if the changes they're talking about go through," he said. Stroger's office declined a request for comment.
The proposed cuts would lead to the dismissal of four key doctors: Medical Director Sergio Rodriguez, Associate Medical Director Connie Mennella, Director of Operations Michael Puisis and Muhammed Mansour, a senior physician in charge of infection control.
"I'm just shocked," said Dr. John Raba, who was medical director at the jail from 2003 to 2005. "These are some of the best people in the field. Without them, I'm afraid you'll see services fall apart."
The staff reductions come at a sensitive time, when medical services for Cook County's troubled juvenile detention center are being incorporated into services at the jail. Puisis was leading that effort; it's not clear who will carry it forward.
The physician leaders also provide basic medical services to inmates. Their departures would deal a blow to primary care at the jail, where three other doctors' jobs could be eliminated. If all seven positions are cut, only eight primary care physicians will remain on hand to treat the jail's daily census of 10,000 inmates, a population with a disproportionate share of medical complications.
"With this staffing level, we will not be able to support our primary care and public health initiatives," Rodriguez said in an interview Friday.
Instead of providing medical care in the units where inmates are held, the jail probably will end up centralizing services and providing mostly "urgent care," he said.
This will require correctional officers to transport inmates from one building to another, consuming resources at the sheriff's office. If transportation isn't available, inmates could go without medical services, Raba predicted.
That could cause detainees' existing conditions to worsen, requiring more transports to emergency rooms at Stroger Hospital or Provident Hospital, Raba said. This also would require the presence of correctional offices and expensive ambulance services, potential barriers to securing access to care.

"These proposed cuts will be devastating for inmates and the Cook County Jail, and people will die if they're implemented," said Benjamin Wolf, associate legal director of ACLU of Illinois. "Cook County can either continue to fund needed services or face litigation."
The proposed county budget also calls for dental services at the jail to be scaled back from four dentists to one. Mental health service staff would be slashed by about 30 percent, not including psychologists and psychiatrists, who work under an outside contract. As many as 15 percent of the jail's 10,000 inmates are diagnosed with one or more mental illnesses.
The infection control department, which works to stem the spread of communicable conditions, such as drug-resistant staph infections, would lose much of its staff, including its head physician.
About 80 percent of skin infections tested at the jail turn out to be dangerous, antibiotic-resistant infections known as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, an emerging public health threat that is showing up increasingly in hospitals in Chicago and across the nation. MRSA infections could be transmitted within the jail and outside.
Although screening for tuberculosis probably will continue, the medical department responsible is slated to lose a number of key positions as well as the doctor who heads the program, associate medical director Mennella said.
If that hurts TB detection, the consequences could be felt far beyond the inmate population. Just three weeks ago, a case of multidrug resistant TB was diagnosed and treated at the jail. If the case hadn't been caught, the inmate could have spread TB to other detainees in the jail, who in turn could have spread it much more widely in Chicago upon their release, experts said.
About two-thirds of jail detainees return to their neighborhoods instead of going to prison.
Cuts also would end a program that lets several hundred women inmates spend days at the jail and nights at home with their children, increasing the risk that the children could end up in foster care. Most women offenders in Cook County are single mothers picked up in drug busts, experts said.
Even without the proposed cuts, the jail's medical services already suffered the elimination of routine testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Under the program, those who were infected were given treatments known to be effective.
As many as one-third of all STD cases in Cook County were handled through the jail, Rodriguez said.
"It's stupid and short-sighted. Most of these detainees return to the community, where they're at risk of infecting other residents," said Dr. Whitney Addington, former president of the Chicago Board of Health.
25% Overall funding reduction proposed for medical services at Cook County Jail. Four top physicians would lose their jobs.
30% Proposed cut to mental health service staff. As many as 15% of the jail's inmates have one or more mental illnesses.

Commisioners are lining up against Todd

Go Bears Staley

Chicago Bears Mascot Staley Rumor has it Staley can't take his assistant with him to the Superbowl to help him get around.

Prosecutors might be forced to cut plea deals with criminals, and felony trials will slow to a crawl if proposed cuts go through Cook County State's Attorney Dick Devine warned Friday.
To a room packed with prosecutors and sympathetic county commissioners, Devine testified in a budget hearing that he could not forge a compromise with board President Todd Stroger's budget team and needs at least another $6 million to run his office.
"We are in a process of cuts that, I believe, jeopardize public safety," Devine said. "Unless we have a fair and effective justice system, we can't say we have a community."
Several commissioners said they wanted to work with Devine to put some money back into his budget.

Cook County State's Attorney Devine rallies with all his prosecutors

And there are laws that need to be fixed in this state:
"Conflicting provisions in Illinois law say felons cannot run for local office but they can run for state offices such as governor.

The law says a felon "can run for governor, can be governor, can unlock the doors to all the prisoners . . . wield a phenomenal amount of power [but cannot] run for alderman," Judge Nathaniel Roosevelt Howse said.

Arenda Troutman claims innocence

Another day another group protesting Todd Stroger's Budget.
Hospital Protesters
Would someone wipe that grin off of Todd Stroger's face Please!

And now a work from Virgil Jones, convicted ex-alderman running for the 15th Ward.
"“When I was six years old someone stole the cookies out of the jar,” Jones told them. “My mother told me to go stand in the corner. For an hour I did, and then she said I could come out. When I was 41 someone who knew about this came up to me and said, ‘Go stand in the corner some more.’ The question becomes, when does the punishment end? I have completed my sentence, so I am entitled to all my rights I had before I was convicted.” And that is why he is running for Alderman again
"Federal prosecutors recently charged 20th Ward Ald. Arenda Troutman with bribery. That's an unpleasant reminder that the feds still are finding fertile territory at City Hall. In a city tarred by scandal after scandal, this message can't be sent too often or too strongly: For those who betray the public trust, there's no revolving door between the penitentiary and the floor of the Chicago City Council." excerpts from the Chicago Tribune.

Alderman activities

Ward Office of the 13th Ward Alderman, one of the Alderman not running opposed or who has served jail time, or other legal problems

"Alderman Olivo is one of six seven eight aldermen who will run unopposed (1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores, 29th Ward Alderman Isaac Carothers, 33rd Ward Alderman Richard Mell, 38th Ward Alderman Tom Allen, 40th Ward Alderman Patrick O'Connor, 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney, and 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith are the others)

Alderman running for office who have been found to be corrupt, indicted, sentenced and served time are, i.e. convicted felons:

For Operation Incubator: Operation Incubator
*In the second Ward: Wallace Davis,

The following were convicted together: Silver Shovel
*In the 15th Ward:Virgil E. Jones
*In the 25th Ward: Ambrosio Medrano
*In the 37th Ward: Percy Giles

Cook County Sheriff's office very busy despite what Todd thinks

Cook County Sheriff's Office arresting Police officers
And Jesse Jet Set flew in to give a press conference to support the Toddler and his budget cuts. Jesse Jackson trying to help Toddster out
excerpt"And while Jackson made his speech surrounded by ministers and he tapped the Rev. Marshall Hatch as their spokesman on this issue, Hatch said not all ministers are willing to shield Stroger from criticism over the cuts.
"Many of us are not in favor of simply letting Todd off the hook," he said.
Also Wednesday, suburban police chiefs rallied against cuts to Sheriff Tom Dart's budget, saying the office provides critical services to their towns."

Lance Tyson, Todd's Chief of Staff, this guy is arrogant, obnoxious, snippy, and I am not surprised this is Todd's Chief handler, but he makes more money than Tom Dart who has over 7k employees plus, and more responsibilities than just one Toddler. Lance Tyson is saying Toddler inherited all these budget problems which is almost true, but remember John Stroger, Daddy of Toddler is among the living and was to have a good recovery, isn't that what we were told almost a year ago after his stroke?

Lance C. Tyson
Lance Tyson '93 was appointed chief of staff by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. Lance C. Tyson, is a managing member of the Chicago-based law firm of Tyson Strong Hill LLC, which specializes in public finance, real estate and government work. He previously worked for the city in Mayor Richard Daley's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, where he represented the city before the Illinois General Assembly. Lance received a law degree from the University of Iowa College of Law.
Tyson Strong Hill LLC How much time do you devote for earning your salary at Cook County? Tom Dart, works more than full time for less money.

CC budget wars

Highlights of Todd Stoger's unveiled mystery budget cuts.
I can barely believe he would cut 336 Cook County officers. Todd give up your body guards because you can't justify needing them, this tremendous cut in officers must mean you think things are so safe in Cook County. Also you need to cut all other elected officials body guards, more ways to save on the budget, as you imply by all of these cuts it is so, so safe in Cook County. Also ER services have been cut at Hospitals.

"Stroger's refined budget plan would cut another 236 sheriff's deputies and 100 sheriff's police.
Combined with previously announced cuts, Stroger's proposed budget trims 614 people from the sheriff's office, according to a furious Sheriff Tom Dart.
"These cuts -- defy all logic," Dart said. "These cuts are unconscionable."
But a visibly angry Dart said at a news conference that it would be impossible for him to provide basic security in the courts and in the suburbs with the number of deputies provided. He rejected arguments the sheriff's police is overstaffed, even though it has more police per capita than municipal police departments.
"Contrary to the belief of fools, our number of calls for service have been increasing day in, day out in suburban Cook County," Dart said. "These cuts make no sense, absolutely no sense."
Some mysteries of the mystery unspecified budget cut uncovered

Go Bears Go and Tank will join them

Relief......Tank Johnson goes to Miami!

Yes there would have been some really angry bear fans if Tank Johnson was not treated like our politicians.
"Cook County Judge John Moran granted a request by Johnson's lawyer Tuesday to allow Johnson to leave the state as he awaits trial on gun possession charges. The Bears will play the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl in Miami on Feb. 4.
Moran set no special restrictions on Johnson, but said he must obey the law "or dire consequences will result."
Defense attorney Lorna Propes said Johnson is grateful to the judge.
"He is a young man who is right now having the opportunity of a lifetime," Propes told reporters after the hearing. "Terry Johnson is going to Miami to play football and represent the Bears."

From the Beachwood Reporter:
Tank vs. Troutman
The Beachwood Police Raid Affairs Desk
A comparison.

Tank: Encroaches in the neutral zone.
Troutman: Encroaches on zoning.

Tank: In wrong place at wrong time.
Troutman: In wrong ward at wrong time.

Tank: Money for sacks.
Troutman: Money in sacks.

Tank: Stops the run.
Troutman: Vows to run.

Tank: Allegedly affiliated with gangs.
Troutman: Allegedly affiliated with gangs.

Tank: Teammates hire ho's.
Troutman: Colleagues are ho's.

Tank: Rolling papers still warm.
Troutman: Paper shredder still warm.

Tank: Kept pit bulls.
Troutman: Spewed bullshit.

Tank: Plays defense.
Troutman: Plays offense.

Tank: Gurnee police find six guns and drugs after 20 minutes.
Troutman: FBI finds way into house after 20 minutes.

Alderman Trout vs. Tackle Tank

Geese at Marquette Park, Is that one an Albino Goose or Lost?

CC Budget wars

Preview of Todd Stoger's budget total unvieling:
Cook County Commissioners Sims and Butler are thinking about a tax increase

But 107 million of non-specified cutbacks, it is going to be interesting to find out what Todd is up to here.

Tank Johnson's Problems

Tuesday, January 23rd will be a busy day
First we have to wait and see if Tank Johnson, our Bear's Tackle will be allowed out of state to go to Miami for the Superbowl.
Second, Todd Stroger will reveal his mystery cuts that were specified as other on his budget.

Let him go Judge Moran, he is a football player and we have politicians running for office and holding office in this town that have a lot more offenses.
That's because Johnson has yet to find out, should the Bears defeat the Saints in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, whether a Cook County judge will allow him to travel to Miami for the Super Bowl.
"I don't know if I can go," Johnson said. "I'm not even sure."
That decision likely will be made on Tuesday, when Johnson is next scheduled to appear in the courtroom of Cook County Judge John J. Moran Jr. Last month, Moran ordered that Johnson be allowed to leave his home only for practice, games and other Bears-related activities. Special permission would be required to travel out of state, including for the Super Bowl.

And Barak Obama endorses Mayor Daley. If you listen to the news in Chicago they are saying it's because Bill Daley, the Mayor's brother will be Obama's Political Stratigist. Obama Endorsement

Go Bears Go

"Thomas Jones, who scored two touchdowns, finished with 123 yards on 19 carries, while Cedric Benson gained 60 yards and scored a touchdown on 24 tries.

Bears Win! Off to the Superbowl!

The first half of the game was close, too close. But the second half of the game the bears were on fire, and blew away the Saints. Thomas Jones, the Bears running back was interviewed after the game and said that Chicago loves their Bears, he has never been in another town that loves their players so much. Thomas, just glad to spread the love!

100's of Social Security numbers, addresses and who knows what other information on Chicago voters, may be in the hands of who knows who.

Go Bears Go

Go Bears!

If you can't handle the half time commercials for today's game you can play Todd Stroger's campaign commercial!

Toddler campaign commercial

As you watch this commercial, see how he talks about Children's Health care being important, and then wonder why he cut so many children's programs with his new budget. He talks about women being equal and then you wonder why he cut so many woman's programs in his budget. He talks about safety in the neighborhood, and you then wonder why he is cutting in Law Enforcement on his new budget, and still wants more cuts.
Todd? How are the voters of Cook County supposed to believe you? Was your campaign commercial supposed to be a joke? What you are doing does not resemble anything you were saying in your campaign, or did your evil twin take over as President of Cook County?
Todd needs to answer more questions on health care** Sheriff's department not happy** Todd will reveal the rest of the mystery cuts on Tuesday

CC Sheriff's department no slowing down

"Undercover Cook County sheriff's police seized $4 million worth of cocaine and $275,000 cash and arrested three men believed to be trafficking drugs to the East Coast in Bedford Park on Thursday"
And Todd wants the Cook County Sheriff to cut?

And what else does Todd have to grin about?

"The news has dismayed advocates for women prisoners, who point out that the number of women incarcerated at Cook County Jail has skyrocketed from 8,557 in 1991 to 13,551 last year."
"The women credit their transformation to the compassion and support offered through the Cook County Sheriff's Department of Women's Justice Services. The department, founded in 1999, provides services ranging from addiction treatment and pre-natal care, to a furlough program that lets women spend nights with their families and receive counseling during the day."
Making it harder for Women who get incarcerated to get back on track

The battle over putting Chief Illiniwek to rest

This is a never ending feud that has been going on for years. Please whatever you do leave our South Side landmark alone! And settle this once and for all either University of Illinois gets a new mascot or not.

Is it time to get rid of this 80 year old mascot?

A South Dakota-based American Indian tribe is taking an unusual step toward trying to unseat the University of Illinois' controversial mascot:
It wants Chief Illiniwek's clothes back.
"The Oglala Sioux Tribe hereby expresses its dissatisfaction with the [university's] use of Lakota regalia," the tribe's executive committee said in a resolution sent to U. of I. trustees Thursday.
"The antics of persons playing 'Chief Illiniwek' perpetuates a degrading racial stereotype that reflects negatively on all American Indian people," the resolution added.

Todd Stroger has so many people unhappy with him and he has only been in office for a short time.

From today's Chicago Tribune:

"The benefits of school-based health centers

This is in response to "`Painful' health cuts are seen for county" (Metro, Jan. 10). Current County Health Chief Dr. Robert Simon was quoted as saying, "A lot of those sites see seven, maybe 10, maybe 12 patients a day."
Readers of this article may interpret this as waste.
However, Simon doesn't explain that the clinics he referred to are school-based health centers.
For more than 14 years, school-based health centers have significantly increased access to quality health-care services for vulnerable populations of children and adolescents across Cook County.
The Ambulatory and Community Health Network of Cook County provides approximately 800,000 patient visits per year through 24 primary-care and specialty-care clinics.
Five of the 24 primary-care clinics are school-based health centers that serve a unique role within the ambulatory system by targeting services to our youth.
Their mission is to develop healthy behaviors that prevent serious and costly health problems as students mature into adulthood.
School-based health centers provide quality health-care services.
They operate like a doctor's office that is located right in the school. Students can receive immunizations, physical exams, care for chronic illnesses like asthma as well as mental-health counseling and health education.
Staffed by a nurse practitioner, a mental-health professional and a medical assistant, they are an inexpensive source of comprehensive health services. The school-based health centers receive state grants that help to cover operating costs and many of the services are reimbursable through Medicaid.
More than 1,600 school-based health centers across the country make health care accessible for children and adolescents, including 50 in Illinois. National and local evaluations have demonstrated school-based health centers decrease school absenteeism, reduce emergency room visits and reduce unhealthy behaviors that compromise health and education success.
The benefits of school-based health centers do not stop there.
A cost-benefit analysis of the Illinois school-based health centers conducted last year found that they save Illinois an estimated $2.5 million each year by reducing expensive visits to emergency rooms, $2.72 million a year by providing immunizations and $233,000 to $342,000 a year by reducing asthma-related hospitalizations.
As County Board President Todd Stroger and county commissioners consider where to make cuts in an inflated budget, we hope they take the time to understand the impact of the ambulatory system in preventing costly health-care services.
Cutting programs will adversely affect the lives of children and families who rely on clinics for their health-care needs."

Robyn Gabel
Executive directorIllinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition

CC Budget wars

Todd Stroger get your rest, you have a lot of people to deal with next week.
Another day and there are more professionals in Cook County protesting in the cold at another facility.

"County health care workers aren't the only ones crying foul over the ordered cuts. And for those who think there are fireworks now, just wait until the budget hearings get underway next week." Now nurses at another health care facility, John Stroger Hospital, are outside in the cold protesting.

Go Bears! And stay warm!

Does Todd want to get re-elected

What a difference a day makes in Chicago, one day it's sunny and cold, the next day, today it's yuck and really cold.

It is really cold in the Windy City, below freezing. But we still have doctors and nurses outside hospitals protesting Todd Stroger's budget.

"The lack of detail worries doctors, Jolepalem said.
"We're still waiting to get the final report," he said. "One of the (proposals) given to us is they will be cutting long-term care. Right now, we have 160 beds. They want to cut it in half. ... Right now, all of those beds are full."
Jolepalem said Stroger should consider reducing administrative jobs before laying off doctors and nurses. Nurse Usha Patel said the county should improve the "work ethic" of some of its employees.
Patel earned the ire of county leaders in years past for being the county employee with the most overtime pay. She made $187,500 in overtime in 2004, according to news reports, on top of her $97,000 salary.
"Look at the absenteeism, that's not being looked at," Patel said Wednesday. "People need to come to work when they're supposed to come to work. That will get rid of the overtime."

Todd are you worried you are loosing voters each and every day?

Now here is a really sad story involving a Cook County Correctional Officer.
Everyone with a weapon needs to review safety procedures

Go Bears! And please keep warm, you have a big game Sunday.

Todd Stroger is also a Male Chauvinist

Todd Stroger is also a Male Chauvinist. Here is the proof:

Summing up Todd's new budget:

Public health:

*16 of 26 clinics closed, including those in Phoenix and Ford Heights and all school clinics. All School Clinics? Cut out clinics for children?
*All ob/gyn and pediatric services cut at Provident Hospital. Cut out Women and Children's services!
*All occupational medicine, dentistry, plastic surgery and family practice services cut at Stroger Hospital. All eliminated, unbelievable, no occupational medicine means no occupational therapy for stroke, accident victims, etc. to learn how to dress, bathe, and do other daily living tasks again. Plastic surgery? You can remain disfigured after an accident, trauma, or burn. Dentistry? Have your teeth rot out.
*Maintenance and laundry services privatized at Oak Forest Hospital.
*$62 million in cuts still undecided. Undecided? When and what will be decided? What other services for Women and Children are you looking at?

Law enforcement:

*59 assistant state’s attorney’s cut, plus $1.3 million in cuts still undecided.
*48 assistant public defenders cut. As if Cook County jail is not overcrowded enough without cutting these 59 + 48 lawyers.
*Sheriff’s programs for women inmates and community prevention eliminated.Pre-woman's movement action here, yes eliminate, not cut down. There seems to be a theme going here Toddler, about Women and Children not being important. Why not try to eliminate all the Women on the Cook County Board? Well Todd you are also a male chauvinist as well as a Nincompoop.
*250 new jail guards hired as required by court, but $27 million in cuts to be decided.

I have to think about bears in orange to keep me from getting my blood pressure up.

CC Budget wars

Some of the things most affected by Toddler's budget are pictured: Stroger Hospital, Cook County Courts, Cook County Jail, and Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. All located with a South Side of Chicago address.

"This budget doesn't make sense," Commissioner Tony Peraica (R-Riverside) said. "This is taking smoke and mirrors to a new level here."

Not everyone is thrilled with Todd's new budget
"This would appear to be not a complete budget document if it has cuts to be determined later," said Commissioner Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago). "If that's the case, then it's not a budget presentation at all but a phony document."
Even some commissioners who have been working with Stroger on the budget said it was incomplete.
"I don't know how you can pass a budget without those items being specified," Commissioner Mike Quigley (D-Chicago) said."

Go Bears! Head Coach Lovie Smith & Brian Urlacher

Tank Johnson might get tanked from the Bears

Rumor has it Obama to file campaign papers today:Obamamania

Go Bears!
I am thinking about bears in orange! Even though we had to worry about if Tank Johnson was going to be cut from the team for all his legal problems in the last three years which came to a head the day he was arrested for numerous gun charges and later that evening he was in a club when his best friend was shot and killed, he was only suspended for one game. Why, this is normal for our politicians to be in all kinds of legal trouble in Chicago and Cook County, and still remain in office or run for office, why not guys in sports in Chicago?. Tank Johnson just fits in with Chicago don't even think about cutting him! 6'3" 300 pounds of Tank!
Tank Johnson Bears Defensive Tackle Tank Johnson's friend and bodyguard killed in club they were at

Daley's signitures valid, Surprised? NOT!

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