South Side planters, Robert Steele inherits post

What is this?The intersection was closed down for months, for what? Is it a planter? Is it a speed deterrent? Is it a traffic deferment? Is it a planter? Is is done? Is it another green idea by the city? Is it supposed to have normal flora, for indigenous weeds to grow? Is it a place to dump beer bottles, because that's all I have ever seen there? Is it a way for residents to get to know their Alderman by calling and asking, what is it?

So many questions in this town, no answers. Bobbie Steele's son gets her Commissioner seat. All behind closed doors, or rather basement.
Robert Steele takes over for Mom

The transition, with a judge standing at the back of the room on standby for a smooth swearing-in, came in the basement of Chicago Ald. Michael Chandler's 24th Ward office on the West Side.
Chandler originally said the press couldn't be at the meeting and, in a sign the transition was sealed long ago, it almost happened without a word being spoken by those making the decision.
"Should we not discuss the nomination?" Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) said.
But he was the only one to speak at a meeting where only four of the 15 committeemen involved showed up, with the rest voting by proxy.
Steele's only challenge came from Sheila Vinson, a former Chicago police officer, now a professor, who called the transition from Steele to Steele "corrupt."
"This is sending a terrible message," she said.
"I'm very proud to be able to continue the legacy of my mom," Steele said, vowing to "continue the wonderful name that she's presented" in the 20 years she held the post.

Now I have more questions, a lot more. Starting with, how does this happen? How? How can this be legal? How? Yes that thing in the road that popped up, well, not exactly popped up, but after many city workers and road closures in my ward, now seems like a mood point, compared to what is going on between City Hall and the County and how people, the same names, only first names different, keep moving back and forth.

More rumors! Bobbie Steele comes back to the county as a consultant. And we start hearing the Davis name more, starting with Danny as a first name


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon!

    A crispy 39 degrees this morning going to my car with a thin sheet of ice on the top of my car. It is very cold in my area. So, Ms. Steele son take over.. As you said the county and city are corrupted with crooks hiring family members. Sounds like the mafia...

    That pic is interesting.. That certainly would be accidents on that intersection. It certainly needs a signal light or a four way stop signs...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Good Morning/afternoon

    We might make it above freezing this weekend. That curbed structure in the middle of the road is supposed to slow things down? Despite the reflectors there are always tire tracks and beer bottles in this thing, and weeds. This thing is in a neighborhood so it's unlikely to get a light.
    We also have the Elgin-O'hare expressway out on the Northwest, that neither goes to Elgin or O'hare, some some of the fine Civil Engineering found out here!
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Despite the reflectors there are always tire tracks and beer bottles in this thing, and weeds"

    Beer bottles?? Someone can get hurt if that is laying on the road especially when it snows.. We have a neighborhood watch in my area in which neighbors watch neighbors trashing the streets. I live next to an neighbor that has a lot pa parties on the weekend. And there would beer cans on thier front yard and some in the middle of the street. Of course, someone calls the city to complain and of course, they are fined...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Trust me we have so many loose in this neighborhood taking pictures of piddly little stuff and running to the alderman with it.

    A few years ago one of my neighbors, in her 60's quit mowing her little front yard, pulling weeds, picking up trash etc. So I knocked on her door asked is she minded if I mowed her front yard (postage stamp, just like mine, 5 minutes?) and I was doing that pulling her weeds picking up trash etc. About February, I get a knock on my front door, the lady said it was her daughter in from out of state and her Mom just passed from cancer. She also said her Mom used to say oh she is just a good neighbor etc. Look I never knew she had cancer, and actually it was none of my business, but it just took a little effort and it kept some of these people from taking pictures and keeping the alderman busy with this nonsense. so now I just figure, hey the little stuff is not worth it.
    But we had a neighbor a few doors down, like healthy and in his 30's just let his big dog out back and never picked up, well in the summer his neighbors could not open the windows because of the fermentation of dog that is worth going to the Alderman about. You have to learn how to pick your battles.
    Ya I still have them loose with their camaras in my neighborhood, the alderman and everyone else know who they are too.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Hmmm.. Interesting story.. Your town sounds like mine. Now, the neighbors to my left don't keep up with mowing the lawn.. And one of the neighbors called the city. The city sent the cops to give her a notice. She wasn't home. So, her boyfriend called her up. She had to come home and mow the lawn. See, she doesn't own the home. The church owns the home. She just rent it out.. So, when I get home, I hear the local gossip from the neighbors.. Glad I am not home in the daytime and on weekends...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I get most of my gossip in the evening, that's when they are all out by me. Or in the ally where people like to put their garage door up and the hood up on the car stand around it and have a beer, or a smoke.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "I get most of my gossip in the evening, that's when they are all out by me."

    Mines come mostly out on the weekend. When it is warm out, the neighbors are out in the morning and evenings. If it nippy like it now, then the neighbors are not out at night.. But, I usually hear of the neighbor gossip when I get home...

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