The Toddler and Beaver show

Now it is President Stroger and his Commissioner Beavers.
View of Sears Tower from the south side, a grey tall shadow through the trees.

Todd is going to keep more questionable people on that he promised to fire immediatly. When asked more questions he gave a silly grin and said he was done talking. Well Todd, sometimes the reporters don't want to play nice with you. Todd's new answer complete with silly smirk, "I'm done talking".
Todd breaks more campaign promises

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune:

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger will have the power to cast votes to break ties on the board, according to lawyers for the Cook County state's attorney's office who researched the matter.
The board has 17 commissioners, so tie votes should be rare, but members are occasionally absent. Although there are 12 Democrats and five Republicans, the board voted 9-8 several times on contentious budget issues over the last few years.
William Beavers, a former Chicago alderman, holds the commissioner position that had been occupied by John Stroger, the former board president and Todd Stroger's father.
"He don't need to vote; I'm his vote," Beavers said, adding that there are enough Democratic votes to make Stroger's unnecessary. "So why does he need to vote? The only time the mayor of the city of Chicago votes is when it's a tie."

The Cook County State's attorney is Dick Devine, in case someone did not know.

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon:

    Nice pics of winter weather in your area. Is it still snowing where you are at? LOL! the picture of baby Todd... And Todd broke campaian promises? Didn't he just got into his position a few days ago? I just hope that there can be some money to get some man power in the DOJ office to get Todd out. I know that you told me that there are family connections and people who pulled strings for Todd to get into office but someone needs to cut the cord of the Steeles, Strogers, and so on in Chicago. It's like a never ending story of corruption in Chicago.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes, he has just taken office sigh
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    What Todd dishes out will come back to him in full circle.. When you do wrong, it comes back and bites you.

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