Bill Beavers is arrogant

Some Alderman appointed have just as much attitude as their parent.

"No he is just confident, and people confuse that with arrogance", William Beavers

City Room

Chicago Welcomes Three Women to City Council
Blair Chavis

CHICAGO (2006-12-14) With some laughs and slightly off-color comments, the Chicago City Council yesterday welcomed its three newest members yesterday. Aldermen approved Mayor Richard Daley's appointment of three women. They replace male aldermen who won new offices in the fall election.

Aldermen Burt Natarus was one of few who teased the appointees about their gender.

"Well, I want to welcome you to the council but I'm not worried one bit about this council being loaded with women. I don't have any trouble communicating with ladies," Natarus kidded.

Another alderman joked that the new aldermen shouldn't expect anyone to say, "Yes, dear." At the same time, several female aldermen welcomed the new members to "The Sisterhood."

The council approved the appointees, now-Aldermen Darcell Beavers, Lona Lane, and Michele Harris.

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon:

    It was crispy 34 degrees in my area with ice on the top of my car.. Brrrr... Anyhoo, great pics of the train. It makes me get into the holiday mood.. Got your email about Beavers and his photo-ops.. Like I said, people like him don;t always stay on top. They usually get caught.. Hopefully, the year of 2007 will bring many corrupted people to their knees and a better budget for Chicago.. I am sure that few elected officals that are decent in your state are working hard to put an end of corrupted officials...

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