CC Jail the stay is long

OK. So now the average stay at Cook County Jail is 190 days. Now you lay off Cook County Defenders, what will that do to the length of the average stay? Yes, the answer is increase it, and increase the need for more employees at Cook County Jail, from guards, to janitors, to kitchen staff, water, electric, and so on and so forth, prisoners are expensive to keep.........well we can go on and on. No, Todd you need to cut the fat at the top. And by the way Cook County Jail is already past capacity.

Solve one problem create more....The Todd Way

Now I am thinking. Hm, what was Bobbie Steele doing about the budget? What was she doing beside almost doubling her pension and getting her son in a Commissioner seat? Wasn't she supposed to be working on the budget? Oh, ya supposedly John Stroger was running Cook County from his sick bed, so there should not have been all this work left. Oh, Please! And it's December! What a way to end this year and start the next!


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    It is only a matter of time for people such as Todd Urkel and Bobble "Steal" to get caught. Yes, I can see that there will be more problems for the city in the prisons: lack of staff, cuts to the budget, and more jail time for the prisoners or reduced sentences depending on who you are..Rough times for city of Chicago and with a corrupted official, it makes it even tougher. But, Todd will get caught in due time...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I like the Bobbie Steal! lol, her and Todd Urkel. What would you call Bill Beavers?
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Let me think about Beavers.. I will let you know.

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