CC Board Meeting

OK, I can't help myself. Here is the review, view from the South Side of the Windy City, of the Cook County Board Meeting on December 6Th.

During the whole entire meeting Todd had one silly smirk after another, maybe once or twice he was not smirking. Time One: Commissioners Moreno and Silvestri must have been working together as a team, they moved things along so fast that Todd had to turn to his clerk and ask "where are we?" Time Two: The finance person from the Health Department came up and Todd's eyes bugged out and said "Who are you?", "And you are?". Priceless! Eyes bulging out like Urkel!

At the end of the meeting Commissioner Moreno said Congratulations this is the first meeting in as long as he can remember that was finished by 12 Noon. Yes Commissioner Moreno as you were moving things along rather rapidly and looking over your glasses at Todd to see if he still had the dumb look on his face, and Commissioner Silvestri smirking so hard he had dimples throughout the whole meeting. You two accomplished something loosing the Toddster, having him use all his different smirks and giggles throughout the whole meeting.another precious moment Toddster giggling like a chipmunk and smirking and saying to both of you "Slow down".

Maybe for the next meeting one of you can find a booster seat for the Toddster to sit in? He could have used one in that big Presidents chair he sat in. Commissioner Maldonado had to keep his head down a few times and rub his forehead. Did he know what the two of you were up to? Silvestri could have pulled it off better if he didn't have the dimples, not good for a poker face. Many times throughout the meeting someone would call out President for the floor and the Toddster all confused "who is that? who is that?". Also a few times he called Silvestri, Suffredin, and apologized. OK Todd, I will make this easy, Silvestri is the younger and better looking of the two and has dimples, Suffredin is the old guy with the beard. OK now Todd, Beard/Suffredin, Dimples/Silvestri.

And something that is not really news:
Daley is running for re-election

And we have no shortage of Candidates for Alderman:
Might beat record for number of Candidates for Alderman

Another take on the Beaver
Denny & the Beav


  1. Anonymous said...
    Urkel... LOL! Todd does look like Urkel.. But, the real actor is alot more intelligent than Todd!
    I did hear that Daley is re-running again for Mayor. What is your take on that?

    SP Biloxi
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Bill Beavers is happy with him, also he had done a lot. Taking over the Chicago Public Schools in 1995 was a big plus, oh wow, I can tell you stories of how bad things were when I went through the CPS (ChicPubSc) pre-1995. Believe you me that was for the better, Daley taking over. The City is cleaner, we have a lot more tourism, free Trolley's for tourists to get around on weekends, and during the summer it is also on week days. There are a lot more fests and the like, tourist events. Really he has done a lot to improve things, camera's for the police, new 911 center etc.. Hey I'm happy with the mayor.
    Anonymous said...
    Well, that is good that you are happy with your mayor. To be honest, I am certainly not happy with my current mayor. He was re-elected again.. Believe me, he added new shopping centers, parking, etc. to improve the city, but the small businesses are either leaving or going out of business because the high cost of rent and the jobs are not coming in my area.. The mayor only comes out for photo-ops or if he wants your vote.. He is very conservative and out of touch with new ideas and so is his committee..

    SP Biloxi

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