Todd's own elevator

Honestly, What next? This is only the beginning of the Todd reign! His own elevator! He said he needs one to be on time. Please! He has never been on time for anything! What he needs is his own booster seat for his president seat.

Todd gets his own elevator

"This new perk comes on the heels of other moves by Stroger that keep him away from the public and press.

He has demanded that reporters not talk to him while he's in the hallways near commissioners' offices. And he has put an end to public comments at County Board meetings, meaning residents can no longer stand up and address elected officials as they gather there."

"Many county employees have grumbled about waiting for an elevator on the fifth floor while looking over at Stroger's empty, unused elevator

Remember Todd Urkel has just got into office. This is only the beginning!

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  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Todd Urkel got his own elevator? For what? Unless he is disabled, his ass should take the stairs like everybody else.. My own city officials don't have that. Man, he is helping himself to the taxpsyers' money like it is a open checkbook! Amazing!

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